Enugu Governor, Chime abandons wife for 2 months’ vacation abroad


Citizen reporter, Enugu

Sullivan Iheanacho Chime, the Governor of Enugu State has abandoned his wife, Clara Chime, for a two months’ vacation abroad. It is believed that Chime may be somewhere in the United States of America having fun with one of his numerous mistresses while Clara is at home roasting away.

Chime who was single when he became governor in 2007, having divorced his first wife, got married to Clara in September 2008.

About two weeks ago, the Governor handed over to his Deputy, Sunday Onyebuchi and left the country for the vacation without taking his wife along.

The development has set mouths wagging in the state, with members of the public wondering what would have made the Governor to embark on such a relaxation trip without taking his wife along.

Why should a Governor embark on vacation overseas and leave his wife behind. It is either that all is not well in Enugu’s first family or that the governor wants an adventure with one of his numerous young under 18 mistresses” said a resident of the state.

While tongues are wagging, Clara was sighted looking so miserable, sad and dejected at the 40thbirthday of the Speaker of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Hon. Eugene Odo.

Meanwhile, the state has been thrown into panic by media reports that the governor’s absence may have to do with health challenges he has been facing.

However, the Enugu State government on Monday dismissed such media reports as cheap, mischievous and false, reaffirming that the Governor is “hale and hearty.”

Reacting to a report published in the Sunday Punch of 14th October, 2012, the State Commissioner for Information, Mr Chuks Ugwoke stated that the Governor was enjoying his vacation, the first he has taken since he was sworn into office five years ago.

He stressed that contrary to the reporter’s claim that the Governor’s last public appearance was on September 9, 2012, Chime had actually presided over the State Executive Council meeting on September 18, 2012 where he announced to all the members that he was proceeding on his annual leave and constitutionally handed over the reins of power to his deputy, Sunday Onyebuchi who is today the Acting Governor of the State.

The Commissioner further pointed out that Governor Chime also attended a meeting of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum in Abuja on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 and travelled out the next day on his vacation adding that “all these facts are verifiable”.

He stated that it was also very uncharitable for the same reporter to falsely claim that the Acting Governor was limited in the discharge of his responsibilities while also wondering why a journalist would deliberately go out of his way to publish outright falsehood about a person’s health status.

Having said all these, we want to reaffirm that the Government of His Excellency Sullivan Iheanacho Chime will continue to promote freedom of expression while also maintaining its cherished reputation of civility and accommodation of all shades of opinion, including constructive criticisms from the media and other quarters,” the Commissioner added.

The Commissioner did not however give reasons why the governor did not take his wife along on the vacation.




  1. Ukpaka! Who really cares about this Govnor that looks very mean sprited. Nobody will be surprise at the news that in other words he refused to take his wife with him on a long vacation.
    This news will only be strange to normal people not the Govnor and people like him.

  2. How can a governor leave out his wife for a vacation? This sis not fair.It shows that there may be problems within the first family.Anyway,Chime is reputed to be at home with anything on skirt.


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