Chinedu Nwogu and Reagan Ufomba, Faces of Deception


Early this morning, one Chinedu Nwogu of the infamous The Abia Awakening (TAA); attempted to paint a very wrong picture of my native NGWA LAND. He gave the impression that my people are diminished for want of credible candidates and enterprising personalities. That was the height of deception. I was however glad that, finally; after months of operating in veiled coloration, TAA has exposed itself as a willing tool in the hands of underachievers who masquerade as statesmen. We now know that the reason they dedicate plenty time discrediting the government of TAO is to pave way for a political dwarf to take reins of power. No group can acquire power through blackmail, at least not in a democratic setting. Ngwa people know this and must distance themselves from these paid agents of calumny, destruction and poorly executed blackmail.
In his piece, he tried to eulogize what in his mind are the towering credentials of OCHIAGHA REAGAN UFOMBA who he witlessly gave the acronym of ORU (meaning a slave). I hope he was not referring to the already established fact that Regan is an Ogoni who settled in Ngwa Land. While I take exception to that disingenuous tag, I will also quickly remind him that the battle for the Governorship of Abia State come 2015 is reserved for only NDI NGWA of notable and proven track records. The last time I checked, Regan Ufomba did not make the list.

Chinedu Nwogu attempted rather unsuccessfully to inundate us with chains of University degrees credited to Reagan. Good as that is, it appears defeatist as best practices of governance have little or no relationship with one’s paper qualifications. It reminds me of that popular Igbo rhetoric that, “ka Dee John gachara ami, o leekwanu boot ya?”.

There is no record anywhere to justify the usefulness of Reagan’s very many degrees. The short and uneventful shot he had at governance was marred by lack of integrity and gross under performance. Chinedu may need to tell us what benefits accrued from that short spell as an aide of former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu. Rather, we covered our faces in shame when it was established that our dear Reagan in an attempt to convert Government vehicle to his personal property lied that the car was involved in a ghastly motor accident. That was too cheap for a man who was entrusted with so much public goodwill. What can a billionaire be doing with one unit of government vehicle? Does Chinedu also know that while in government, Reagan was empowered to handle distribution of fertilizer and other inputs to farmers? Reagan could not pass the integrity test as farmers were made to pay much more than government approved prizes. Let us go to the archives to check how many farmers of at least Ngwa extraction that benefited from that assignment.

If Reagan truly owns chains of businesses in cities outside Abia, we can as well tag him the biggest “ Oka mma n’mba 1 of Abia” for denying his people the combined benefits of establishing industries in their home land. I ask, how would Reagan explain sinking billions (who dash awo coat?) elsewhere when Abia begs for private concerns that could offer jobs to very many Abia Youths who yearn for job opportunities? Not even the dumbest fool can give in to that cheap lie.

For the records, Reagan was never mentioned as a replacement for the late Deputy Governor. First, he lacked the integrity to be so honored and mostly the party was shopping for a politician who had verifiable grassroots support. Reagan hadn’t the prerequisite political clout to be Deputy Governor as he was largely seen as a greenhorn. It is therefore unacceptable to present him as Ngwa’s most qualified replacement for Dr. Chima Nwafor.

Ngwa people already have strong stigma following them. What we need mostly now is to find a way to salvage an already worst case scenario. We have been credited with a whole lot of bad news including labeling us fraudsters, kidnappers and common criminals. Chinedu Nwogu should begin to lead the campaign for improved awareness on the perception of NGWA by the rest of Abians and not further insult our intelligence to accept a man who had contributed in under developing NGWA LAND nay Abia State.

Come 2015, NGWA people will present a formidable candidate, whose popularity rating is overwhelming, whose integrity status is not questionable and who would be bold enough to look Abians in the eye and tell them; I have done so much to better your lot. There are fools who went to Harvard. Harvard has also produced selfish people and the University by any means does not wash off the stinking smell of dishonesty, greed and low life.

I will advise Chinedu Nwogu to look inwards, else Abians would confirm that NDI NGWA are not committed to the arduous task of taking over in 2015. If Reagan is all we can present, that would be a polite way of telling OLD BENDE that we are not ready yet.



  1. I will suggest that the ethnic nationality, Ogoni people should be removed from whatever is happening in Ngwa. The individual mentioned is certainly NOT from Ogoni. By alleging that an opposition politician in Iboland is from Ogoni is to show the high level of animousity held against the Ogoni people.

  2. This is vintage and unadulterated mudslinging.
    Methinks you can fire shots at your opponent without sinking so low and calling your own motive and integrity into serious question.
    I doubt if anyone will, after reading this treatise on the affairs of men and stars, nod his head and say he has been better edified. A guffaw here, a snicker there, but nothing more.
    Instead one is geared more to believe that the writer is only churning out malice and hate towards Reagan who by all standards that I know is a great fellow and whose head is not improperly constructed for the wearing of Abia governorship cap.


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