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Nigeria For Sale!?…A Revolution Trumpet – By ‏ Rev. Iyiet Edidiong Umoh



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Justice Abdul Kafarati

It is a most pathetic story that Nigeria had been hospitalized for
some decades and some years now, with hisses of snakes being fine
faced in speeches and on prints and paraded as hope for the wailing
Some years ago, a Nigerian Artiste, Idris Abdukareem sang a
song that Nigeria has scattered; the then President Olusegun Obsanjo
in his reaction to a television interview about this song, said that
Nigeria has not yet scattered. It should be noted that he did not say
that Nigeria will never scatter but that Nigeria has not yet
scattered. Little did we know that both Idris Abdulkareem and Former
President Aremu Matthew Olusegun Obasanjo was referring to this
present administration where even the Judiciary has turn to
Boko­-Haram terrorist annex, partnering with Judges who are even
sitting against the law, which they are suppose to interpret well; but
rather, Judges sit to insult the ethos of democracy, fundamental human
rights, merit, and the principles of natural justice, equity and
fairplay. These, they have done by taking side with boko haram
against education and the enlightened masses.

The case between FRANK OKON and Governor Akpabio of AKWA IBOM STATE
in NIGERIA, which Justice Abdul Kafarati ruled on Friday, 14th of
September, 2012, has clearly shown that Nigeria is on auction to be
sold out to interested buyers. Justice Kafarati polluted, and it was
counted as judgment. Such excremental judgment, loaded with odour
amounts to air pollution; and where there is no law, anarchy,
bombings, kidnappings and all kinds of vices will result . The so call
judgment never commented on the forgery which with inferential
evidences, was proven that Governor Akpabio had commited; so far,
Governor Akpabio’s defence column is very blank on such a terrible
crime which if not reverse immediately, can legalise forgery in
NIGERIA; thereby, de-authenticating any document in Nigeria including
the Constitution of the Federal Republic of NIGERIA. Which implies the
total collapse of law and order, which by all ramification can make
Nigeria a mere history of the past, as a COUNTRY that once existed and
is no more. Justice Kafarati was talking like a mad man who lacks
courtesy to good conscience and even himself. If a Federal high court
lacks adjudication on a capital offence like forgery proven case, is
it the State high Court and Magistrict Court that should adjudicate on
such an openly committed crime in Nigeria? What a shame! The latest
global example of simile is … “As corrupt and evil as the Nigerian

It is every sad that Nigeria is at the verge of being sold not even as
a living entity but as a corpse.
It is seemingly clear that Nigeria is in the mutuary. President
Johnathan should please let us know her burial date at once. Permit me
to invent the phrase “POLITICAL MEDICAL ANALYST…, so that I can carry
out a post-mortem on the corpse of NIGERIA, before the lying in
Should that judgment not be reversed, then Boko-Haram is very correct
that education is not needed and should be extinct. Such a judgment
agrees with the ideology of the BOKO-HARAM terrorism. If the judgment
of Kafarati is not reversed, jungle justice will result.
The symbol of justice, everywhere in the world is a Woman whose eyes
are covered, holding a sword and a scale With Her hands.

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Her eyes are covered so as to avoid selective justice, by not dancing
to the tones of sentiment or consideration of any form; but in
Nigeria, the veil or covering on the eyes of this woman is
ideologically removed. And the symbolic meaning of this, has infected
the system with informality and total collapse of the law. If such a
crime was committed by an ordinary person, jail term would result. In
Nigeria, crimes are committed by the rich while the poor are going to

Governor Akpabio whose defence column is blank and he cannot by any
means emerge the victor before the law.
I could recall that after the demise of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua,
certain people were busy stiffing the chance of President Jonathan
from emerging. Schemes were devised so as to de-authentic the
constitution and due process for His Excellency Goodluck Johnathan not
to emerge into that helm of glory, but at last he scaled through! Why
then should his government become a dancing stage for demons like
Governor Akpabio? …Who on Earth would believe that forgery which does
not only invalidates any Government but the entire Country’s identity
before the whole world, be allowed?

Sincerity is associated with idiosyncrasies of the pro-fascist wing,
who are busy weaving the Country into a fatal malaise with their ill
financial blusterings that is subvertious, infectious, flapdoodling
and hellish in discommoding of the masses with their fiendish and
crummy declivity.
Governor Akpabio’s claims as the best Governor in Nigeria is a
disgrace to Nigeria, whereas they are some sound Northern, Southern,
Eastern and Governors from the West who are doing so well with the
little allocation which they are receiving. I don’t know what people
mean by good performance; Is good performance not even in the ability
to use the little that a Governor is receiving from National Coffers
to achieve what the eyes can see? Is it not about a government that is
pro-creative and active with the little that they have? It was His
Excellency Bill Clinton who happen to have been a onetime remarkable
President of America that said that it is the problems of the masses
that should be passed as bills in the parliament; and one could agree
with the fact that such bills were not only passed but duly
implemented, else the purpose of the Legislative arm of the law would
have been insulted, abused and defecated upon by the judiciary as
Justice Kafarati has just done.

Has the Judiciary cum President Jonathan’s administration suddenly
turn into grave and coffin where the Constitution and it’s laws are
simply declared ultra vires?

By the body language of Justice Kafarati on the case between Frank
Okon and Governor Akpabio, Nigerians have no rights again if at all
there is any Constitution again in existence as the citizenry have
been made to become aliens in their country.

It is an issue of National and International concern because as it is,
we can’t boast of the Judiciary for now until that judgment is
reversed by the Appeal Court, Etc.

Such a case which bothers on a heinous capital offence and crime,
attracts the Interest of the World Court, the United Nation General
Assembly and Parliament so as to know whether Justice Kafarati
himself should be free from jail or not; thereby exposing more on the
possibilities of Nigeria to loose her identity; Nigeria is still
battling to redeem her name from what ABDUL MUTTALLAB did some years
ago, which neccessited her being listed amongst the Terrorist nations
of the World…, is the legalization of forgery not marking the end?

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What is happening here in this case implicates the citizenry and
unleashes a brutal Mayhem on the seemingly corpse of Nigeria. Even if
Nigeria is to be buried and sold with her grave, let it be with her
complete body parts.

When a pregnancy is above nine months, a compulsory medical operation
will be recommended by the Doctor.

The C.I.A’s prediction about Nigeria’s break up from 2015 is sniffing;
the C.I.A said that it is from 2015 and not 2012;
the likes of Justice Kafarati and Governor Akpabio should be told that
while everybody are being cautious of the prediction, the Laws of the
land must be held high and supreme.

Justice Kafarati has released the surgical blade of operation on the
womb of Nigeria which may result in the birth of many children from
Nigeria if the ill-fated judgment that can destroy Nigeria is not
urgently reversed. Can our President boast of this kind to judgment
before the world? What a disgrace to our dear sovereign Republic. What
a mess to our National Colours, what a dent on our National Flag. What
a bedeviling of our supreme Constitution and acclaimed judicial
integrity? What face has our President before the World, when our
integrity is bleeding with old and present sores!
Snakes are symbolically extolled to display illegality and inflict
mass mayhem with no retreat on the already wounded populace. Where
then is the Nigeria of our dream, when THE FEDERAL HIGH COURT AND
I will not be surprise if God’s wrath will start visiting big thieves
with hot shots that is triggered off from the Bazooka and pistols of
God’s warring angels, after which the nuzzles of the gun will be
inserted into their anus and shot the second time; because God cannot
be a liar! Such a judgment is an arrogated deceit which was not even
possible during the past military regimes in Nigeria.

In the brutal days of Apartheid policy which is similar to the
selective justice and collapse of the law in Nigeria. It was Mrs.
Besie Head (A South African Linguist and Poet) that said … “Please
address or call me a woman; I am a woman, and not a man; it is the
situation that I see that makes me to look like a man.”

We are very peaceful and law abiding. And this should not be mistaken
for stupidity. If Justice Kafarati and Governor Akpabio’s connivance
to legalize forgery is not reversed, the boys must return to the
creeks for self realization and economic revival, action and more. The
government should not bother to know what this means BECAUSE
Because our survival is God’s concern.

Farewell to law and order, farewell to peace, farewell to unity, if
such judgment is upheld. The citizenry can no more be deceived.

Bye bye Nigeria



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