Kaduna: Tension as Police Murders Okada Rider [Photos]

The murdered Okada rider, Umar Danmichika

“We are doing something about the police man that killed the okada man. The culprit will be charged to court for murder. The law must take its full course; I have already briefed the Inspector General of police who have given me the mandate to go ahead with full investigation into the matter. We don’t train officers to kill innocent people in the society and take the law into their hands. We however appeal to law abiding citizens of the state to go about their normal activities as we are on top of the matter” were the words of the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police Adefemi Adenaik following what appears a premeditated murder of an Okada rider by a mobile police officer [MOPOL] on the hot afternoon of September 26, 2012 at the Kaduna Stadium round about.

Information available to 247ureports.com through eyewitness on the ground indicated that the murdered Okada rider, Umar Danmichika, had parked briefly to collect money from a customer when he was shot in the head in close range by a police officer in a moving vehicle.

Other witnesses indicated that the deceased had just finished eating from a local restaurant, and had yet to pay for his food when he saw a passenger, and rushed to drop the passenger before coming to effect payment, but unfortunately could not come back. In his words, “wallahi, he was deliberately shot because the boy was not on the road, he was just by the road side parked and sitting on the motorcycle, so how could he have committed any offence that will warrant him be killed like that. Infact he died instantly”.

Also, the woman who sold the food to the deceased, Mrs Aderonke Taiwo told our correspondent that the deceased “is my regular customer, he bought 80 naira food, he has not paid me when he left to drop the passenger, but I knew he would have come back to pay me, until I heard that he was the one that was killed by the gun shots I heard shortly after he left my place. He is my very good customer and his death is very painful and unfortunate. In fact, God will punish the police man that killed that innocent boy for nothing”.

Other eyewitnesses revealed that immediately following the shooting, there was a heavy tension around Kaduna metropolis – resulting to other okada riders mobilizing themselves and blocking the major roads. In the words of the eyewitness, “people started running helter skelter, so I joined them until the police men arrived the scene and calmed the situation, because the okada boys wanted to react immediately”.

Heavy security had since been deployed to the crime scene.

The body of the slain Okada rider has been deposited at the Barau Dikko Specialist Hospital, Kaduna.

The whereabouts of the MOPOL officer is unknown.



  1. VISE BASER,is the reaj answer to this scen,the gun men have to prosecut to court for beting a justice to the family,becouse he wase not recruted to kil innocent people on the street,if its like that how will he be in the police,a people like this have,

  2. Nigerians,. I`m saying this right from the buttom of my heart., he intentionally killed and no action will be taken, this is not there 1st time.

  3. The rampant shooting of innocent law abiding citizen is getting out of hand.

    The government should start invoking death by firing squad to these irresponsible criminals in uniform.

  4. The rampant shooting of innocent law abiding citizens is getting out of hand.

    The government should start invoking death by firing squad to these irresponsible criminals in uniform.

  5. Haba! That is very unbearable, it happened recently in kano! What the hell is jonathan doing on his other’s-led throng? I swear by almighty God jonathan is worst president nigeria has ever produced


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