Anambra Local Governments: Another Transition To Nothing!!!


Today another set of unelected imposters were sworn in to occupy space in the 21 Local Governments Areas in Anambra State.

Anambra Citizens have since come to terms with the fact that their state is yet to catch up with the rest of the country in terms of democracy because when it comes to the executive arm of government at all levels, the officers that currently occupy office ,without exception are unelected. Hence it is unlikely that those at the helm of affairs would like those operating below them to be elected for that will confer superior mandate and deny the former their ill-gotten loyalty.

Therefore, everything we have seen so far in terms of attitude of governance has been founded on this situation which has created three categories in the Anambra people:

· 1- There are those who feel that they should continue to say the truth of this situation and to make themselves heard.

· 2-There is a second category that feels that the current despotic APGA government should be left to their designs while looking at the calendar for the exit of their OPPRESSORS IN GOVERNMENT, and the arrival of a properly elected government.

· 3-There are yet others, in the elite and business class who ,like they collaborated with Military governments of the past ,feel that they should take advantage of the current distortion for their personal gains, while it lasts.Tis is largely peopled by APGA members who are the main beneficiaries of this anomaly.

Driven by the need to guard the polity called Anambra State, minimise the risk to it and the damages likely to be incurred in the interim, until such a time when a proper government that respects the democratic aspirations Ndi Anambra, to elect, be consulted and form part of the consensus of government actions is in place in Anambra State, ACN proudly associates with the first of these three categories.

ACN once again condemns in its entirety, the idea of having unelected governments in place at any levels of governance in Anambra,et alone the 21 local governments of the state ,which helps to deny Ndi Anambra , at least 25,000 jobs, while pretending to create other jobs through undesired graft.

We note with satisfaction that the ACN stand coincides with the legacy –of philosophy bequeathed to the entire Ndi Igbo by Dim Chukwuemeka, Odumegu-Ojukwu in his evergreen and memorable words : “As a committed democrat, every singe day under an un-elected government hurts me. The citizens of this county are mature enough to make their own choices, just as they have the right to make their own mistakes” DIM CHUKWUEMEKA ODUMEGWU-OJUKWU (1933-2011)

We however note that the executive misgovernance of the state is largely unchecked by the Anambra State House of Assembly which is yet to rise to the responsibilities conferred on them by the constitution and the legitimacy placed on their shoulders by the aspirations of the constituencies that make of the house.

But the common parasite running through the Anambra executive misgovernance and the COLLABORATIVE WEAKNESS of Anambra State House of Assembly is the destructive, controlling influence of APGA.

Hence our position is the same as that of Ojukwu, which unfortunately is different from that of today’s APGA, which only applied and applies Ojukwu’s name to selfish exploits.

We condemn the appointment and swearing in of yet another set of transitional governments, to destroy structures without buiding, to beat up journalists who take photographs in the line of their duty ,coluude with state officers to fritter away local government funds, collude with elements of the state House of Assembly to legitimise iniquity at the councils and bequeath us the wrong values as a people.

We condemn another bold step in Anambra’s transition to nothing!!!

however urge Ndi Anambra to take solace in the fact that March 2014 is in sight and that the change they require is in their hands.


Okelo Madukaife

State Publicity Secretary




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