20 PDP Governors Dump National PDP Chairman’s Book Launching


Yesterday [Saturday] saw the national Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] chairman present his book to the public. It was termed a Public Presentation Of “The Global Villager” A Literary Biography Of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, National Chairman PDP In Commemoration Of His 77th Birthday In Abuja. The President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan was present along with other PDP stalwarts.

However, of the 23 invited PDP governors only 3 showed up to the book launching. The state governor’s of Abia, Kaduna and one other State governor attended the event. The governor Tukur Bamangar’s home state, Adamawa State – was not present and did not send a representative. Other PDP notable personalities were not in attendance.

The absence of the State governors showed/exposed the growing divide within the national PDP – and the believed imposition of the national chairman, Bamanga Tukur, on the party members. Sources tell 247ureports.com that the PDP governor had long turned their backs on the national PDP chairman – and had begun actions to subvert his continued reign as the party chairman. The majority of the PDP governor are reported to have stopped remittance of the monthly monies sent to Abuja PDP – and that the PDP has become cash starved as a result.

It is understood the principal source of revenue for the national party come from the various state PDP governors. And the PDP governors were said to have presented a candidate for the then vacant national PDP chairman seat – only for the President to reject their candidate and impose his choice. This action did not seat well with the PDP governors.

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  1. Indeed Mr president is trying, despite his tight schedule he still attends invitation like book lunching and others, in all of this will Nigerians still say Mr president is not trying?


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