As the Nigerian Young Journalists’ Forum joined the rest of the world
to celebrate 2012 International Youth Day, the forum has highlighted
corruption and insecurity as major threats to development of Nigerian
In a press statement jointly signed by the forum’s National President,
Ayodele Samuel and Secretary, Zacheaus Somorin, the group lamented
that the twin-headed monsters are on a daily basis killing the dreams
of Nigerian youths, physically and psychologically despite having over
60 percent of the estimated 165 million citizens in the country.

“With the theme “Building a Better World: Partnering with Youth’; this
is the best of times and the worst of times for Nigerian youths. In a
way, young people are the new masters of the universe. From the United
States to Europe and the Middle East we see young people on the
streets negotiating the nature of the world they live in. The collapse
of corrupt autocracies in what is now memorialized as the ‘Arab
Spring’ signifies how the combination of youthful vigor and smart
technology extends the possibilities of establishing democracy.

“Insecurity, poverty and hopelessness stalk the landscape of our
Nation, at the same time, through fruitful partnership hope,
opportunity and prosperity beckons, Government must strive to develop
its youth.”

While calling on government at every level to engage youths through
programmes that will positively impact their lives and communities,
The young pen pusher group stressed that a thoroughly empowered youth
will enhance the development of its community, noting that the
tremendous exploits of Nigerian Youths across the globe is a sign of
the enormous potential that the nation’s youth are endowed with.

“The government should create employments for our teeming unemployed
youths and also ensure that the business environment is more conducive
for them. There should be a re-activation of our manufacturing sector
which has been moribund over the decades; introducing spirit of
entrepreneurship and self-development by providing stable and secured
environments where small business thrived.”
The group however urges youths to stand against corruption and
embrace moral values

“we must embrace our moral values to bring Nigeria back on track, no
doubt corruption has finished our nation but it’s a responsibility to
secure the future, government and its institutions are failing to
provide a better tomorrow for its noble leaders, we have the strength,
we must develop the zeal to shun corruption”

The group also called on young people to continue to engage the
government and policy makers on issues geared towards positive change
in Nigeria.

Nigerian Young Journalists Forum