Beating of the Journalist, Benedict Nwalaka

Shame may have overcome the administration of Governor Fashola of Lagos State – as a ranking official of his administration reportedly pounced on an innocent journalist with a deadly weapon.

Benedict Nwalaka, a photo journalist with Leadership Newspaper, was beaten to pulp by Lagos government officials for taking photographs of the release of bodies of DANA crash victims. His camera was seized.

The Fashola administration has released a public statement indicating that it has launched an investigation into the beating. The government also express sadness over the incident and has pledged to pay for all medical expenses and to replace the journalist’s camera.

Ben Nwalaka is a well known photo journalist.


One Comment to: Gov Fashola’s Men Brutalize Journalist

  1. Abdulsalam Muritala Tunde

    August 12th, 2012

    i was shocked when i watched it on tv,this is madness,i trust Gov fashola,justice will be done.But,if i were to be the Governor,there is vacancy in their various post.Then will be charged to court,so that it will serve as deterent to others