ACN, CPC merger cannot go anywhere – Tofa


The Former chairman of All Nigerian Peoples Party Elders Committee, Alhaji Bashir Tofa, has predicted that the ongoing talking over possible merging of the Action Congress of Nigeria [ACN] and the Congress for Progressive Change [CPC] cannot be successful.

He based his opinion on the “seeming foot-dragging on major issues on the matter by the leaders.”

The former presidential candidate of the defunct National Republican Convention, NRC, in the aborted third republic also expressed concern over the future and fortune of his party, the ANPP, which he said was bedeviled with the twin problem of fictionalizations and exodus of key party members.

The veteran politician who stated this in a media chat with reporters in Kano State, said a number of reasons justified his fear.

He explained that till date, no concrete steps or decisions had been taken by the leadership of both parties to assure Nigerians of their seriousness to come together and form a strong front that would wrest power from the ruling PDP in 2015.

“I doubt if the ACN and CPC’s decisions on the issue of merger and fusion would go anywhere because what we read and hear every day is that they are talking, but I doubt strongly if the leaders have really agreed exactly on what they want, such as who gets what under the arrangement.”

Tofa noted that the issue of position sharing would constitute major threat to the merger plan between the two parties, especially as it affects the ambition of ACN leader, former governor, Bola Tinubu and General Mohammadu Buhari of the CPC.

To him, “if they have to make progress in that direction, the two leaders need to sit down and sort out their differences so that the atmosphere will be enhanced enough for both top work in the best interest of what they desire to do and not in their individual interest.

If they do this, then we will be talking about some progress, otherwise, I have my doubt whether this project will work.”

He said that he was optimistic that with a strong opposition party via merger the PDP would face a strong opposition in the 2015 exercise, adding that what the opposition leaders needed was to reposition themselves for the challenges ahead to make some sacrifices. “My advice is that these leaders should concentrate in achieving their targets taking the interest of Nigerians into considerations”.



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