The second part of the transcript of the purported conversation between the former Chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc Committee on fuel subsidy fraud, Farouk Lawan and Chairman of diesel retail giant, Femi Otedola has been broadcast by a Lagos television station.

Transcript of the conversation follows:

LAWAN: When I saw your text ,it makes me feel  bad, I said … You  know the effort  I am making?

OTEDOLA:  I know, I  know

LAWAN :No, no ,no ,no, when you said  I’m … that didn’t…Please, this  thing we are doing ,keep it to yourself, otherwise  you  will make  things difficult for  us

OTEDOLA: Ok, I am now

LAWAN: You will make it difficult for us all, because somebody called me now and said that we said we are going to address it.

OTEDOLA: Address what?

LAWAN: It is already out that we are going to do something, but when we do it, people will think we are doing it because we have compromised. If my colleagues get to hear about it, I won’t be able to convince such, so keep it  to yourself ,let it be a top secret. Let it be a top secret .Let it not be like anybody is aware of what is happening if anybody ask you…somebody is saying that… they said you know from your record…they have all your record and you have made a case to the committee.

OTEDOLA: God bless you, God bless you

LAWAN: It is left for the committee to decide what to do ,please keep it that way ,but the moment it goes out, when we are going to  correct it.


LAWAN: Whether it seems we have already a… so ,let it be want to spring a surprise on floor and that is the only  credible  way        to do it .You know your sector is hot  so much.

OTEDOLA: God bless you, God bless you my brother .I’ve been trying … anytime I hear your voice…

LAWAN: You know your sector is hot one. You are hot enough  and people are even saying … they said…somebody just called and said what happened that Femi has gotten his way around .He has already… No, no I am saying it because this is what I heard.

OTEDOLA : But let me tell you one thing, you  know me as a person .

LAWAN: I know. Don’t make things difficult. Whoever ask, say no I didn’t do this .I am trying to clear myself from the committee. But I have sent a letter to set the record right. That’s   all ,yeah

OTEDOLA :Ok, brother. Thank you . Alright.

TIME OR RECORD: 1005 hours – 1012 hours



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