Nnamani Tagbo; Stop Using Our Name to Perpetuate Illegality – CLO


The Civil Liberties Organization has warned one Nnamani Tagbo to stop using their name to perpetuate what they termed as illegality and also dissociate itself from any purported petition or write up against one Hon. Offor.

According to the CLO,For Nnamani Tagbo was the opponent of Hon. Offor in the last 2011 General Election in which the duo contested for the House of Representatives Seat of Enugu south/ North Federal Constituencies, an election which Hon. Offor defeated Tagbo Nnamani of People for Democratic Change (PDC).

Nnamani had his first baptism into politics during the last election in which he was roundly beaten. However, since the end of that exercise, he had been trying all available means within his reach including blackmail, campaign of calumny and defamation to bring to the dust a reputable career of the opponent who defeated him in the last General election.

At the conclusion of the election in 2011, Tagbo Nnamani went to the Tribunal to challenge the declaration by Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] of Offor as the winner of the polls. The Tribunal in their wisdom looked at all the evidence he provided and reiterated the position of INEC that Offor indeed won the election convincingly. Determined and  desperate to pull his opponent down, few months after he rushed to the Civil Liberties Organization in Enugu asking them to write a petition on his behalf which borders on a purported forgery which he claimed it was done by the Honorable, an offer which the Enugu CLO chapter did ignorantly. However he was caught on his alleged escapades when the CLO after thorough investigation saw that he just manipulated them by raising a false alarm that Hon. Offor falsified his credentials which includes WAEC and NYSC certificates.

According to the letter from CLO to 247ureports.com, the organization said that they wrote the petitions on Nnamani Tagbo behalf without proper inquiries. According to the CLO they went further to verify the authenticity of Nnamani’s claim and Hon. Offor’s making available of his credentials which were different from what Tagbo gave to CLO, and upon the realization by the CLO that it had been used, the body went and withdrew the petitions. It also issued a statement which also includes a letter sent to 247ureports.com, distancing themselves from it and the manipulations of Mr. Nnamani.

According to CLO, “we also  further warned media houses to refrain from making references to the said petitions, an advertorial which was published in page 35 of Sun Newspapers Monday June 11, 2012 edition”.

The CLO had also written and asked some print media houses that erroneously ran the story quoting her statement to withdraw them, while it has also filed a case in court against Publishers of a Weekly Tabloid, “Weekly Verdict” over a recent publication it made using the purported petitions.

In being fast about his tricks and manipulative acts, Initially when he met the CLO he gave them only a case of forgery of WAEC and NYSC certificates, but later when he submitted his so called documents to some media houses he brought the issue of Certificate of Birth over it showing how untruthful and unreliable he is, which also made this online news to doubt his claims after much scrutiny and investigation, discovered some lots of facts, which showed his incompetence.

According to CLO when an inquiry was made about the certificates from an official at the WAEC Head office; “concerning the letter he wrote to WAEC which he claimed they wrote him back telling him that Hon. Offor was not the Original owner of that result is not true. It was found out that the letter he claimed he wrote was not real as he ought to have written to WAEC Headquarters Lagos and not Enugu Office and even if he had actually written to WAEC Enugu for verification of the result as he claimed, WAEC Enugu will refer him to WAEC Headquarters.”

Secondly, we discovered that the letters he wrote to NYSC Benue State Secretariat were lies. The official of the NYSC added,” if also he had written Benue NYSC for verification of the NYSC Discharge certificate, the same Benue NYSC will also refer him to NYSC Headquarters Abuja”

Meanwhile, in the issue of the Baptismal certificate, it was also found out that all these were formulated as Hon. Offor used declaration of age knowing  well that anybody can go to a Catechist and pick up Baptismal Certificate and put what he or she wants.

Questions have been asked as to why such issues have not developed until now. This is in view of the fact that the Honourable member has been in politics since year 2000, when he gained his first political appointment and in 2003 when he won the election in which he served as a lawmaker at the Enugu State House of Assembly.

In 2007, he ran against more formidable aspirants in his constituency and won. It was due to his numerous achievements that his people re-elected him in 2011 for tenure of four years at the House of Representatives.

In a chat with Hon. Offor with our Abuja Reporter, he has this to say   “I am not only a Bachelors degree holder, but also a Masters Degree holder and has served as a lawmaker since 1999 from the State House of Assembly of my state to the House of Representatives. To earn these positions, there are requirements which the constitution said one must meet with and all these I genuinely earned.”

“I believe there are appropriate authorities vested with the responsibilities to inquire and pronounce on this kind of matter – forgery.  One should therefore, ponder on why my opponent would not take the matter to such authorities and allow them adjudicate on it, than resort to character assassination through the media. If he has concrete proof that I falsified my credentials or otherwise, I think it is better handled by the law courts.”

“I intentionally decided not to comment on this development because there is really nothing to it. It is an attempt by a misguided few to distract me from avowed responsibilities to the people who gave me the mandate to represent them at the National Assembly. Tagbo should know that you don’t earn political power by misguiding and misleading the media.”

In conclusion, he also said that; “As much as I have restricted actions and comments on this matter, I shall not fail to use all approved legal means to seek redress over my reputation which he [Tagbo] has consistently engaged some media houses to drag to the mud at the right time.”

Moreover after much investigation also, it was discovered that Tagbo Nnamani was doing this in collaboration with some politicians in their constituency, in order to pull Hon. Offor down ahead of the 2015 election.

Information at the disposal of this online news reveals that Nnamani may have engaged in this campaign of pull him down after his request for funds to finance his business was turned down by the Honorable member.

This online news gathered that he [Nnamani] had sometime approached the Honorable member to assist him raise some funds to enable him finance his business, adding that the huge funds he expended running election had affected his business.

Offor in his magnanimity was said to have offered to assist him and infact on three occasions advanced funds totaling about N3.5 million to him through his [Nnamani’s] UBA account.

However, few months ago when he ran to him for more money, the Honorable member was said to have turned down his request.   Tagbo who would not take no for an answer was said to have made his way into raising the forgery allegation.

Initially, when the allegation was hatched, he had rushed to a publisher in Lagos with copies of the purported statement from the CLO to demand thirty million from the Honorable member “or we will publish the story of your forgery with your full photograph on the front page of our Magazine and online” Since the attempt to use some print media and online publishers to extort money from the Honorable failed to work, he has been busy collecting money from gullible persons within and outside the state on the guise that he was going to court with the Honourable member over the forgery.

COPY OF CLO's Advertorial dissociating themselves from the purpoted petition by Nnamani Tagbo





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