Two Explosions Rock Kano Again


Information reaching indicate that multiple explosion has rocked the neighborhood of the Bayero University kano campus. This is as nearby residents ran for safety. The explosions occurred Sunday evening at about 8:30pm.

A police source confirmed that multiple explosions were heard coming from the said area, he suspected the  attacks were likely to be the handiwork of Boko Haram terrorist. He could not confirm whether casualties were sustained. The officer could not confirm the target of the attack. He confirmed that the area of attack which is Kabuga does not house a major police station, or any security post or major church building. The officer concluded that the terrorist may have chosen the area because its was “easy for them to escape“.

The leader of the joint task force in Kano, Col. Iweha was not answering his calls.

The area of attack [Kabuga] is said to be predominantly Muslim – with very limited number of Christians.

Earlier yesterday [Sunday] at around 4pm near Naibawa in Kano State an attempted attack on a Soldier by suspected Boko Haram terrorists was reported to have failed. An Eyewitness stated that it was a case of a mistaken identity.

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