Protest At NNPC: Heavily Armed Police Disperse Protesters [photos]


Today, the vicinity around the NNPC towers in Abuja saw glimpse of dictatorial tendencies as protesters gathered in front of the NNPC towers to protest against perceived ills in the petroleum sector of the economy.

The protest as gathered by was coordinated by the a group under the auspices of the united democracy for action [motto: system change now]. They had gathered to ‘occupy the NNPC’ against the corruption within the NNPC and the non-passage of the PIB bill.

But the abrupt intrusion of the Nigerian police force in numbers depicting a force ready to attack its citizens changed the free and democratic protest into a near bloodshed event. The heavily armed force moved in forcefully to quickly disperse the protesters. After the disperse, the police force remained at the supposed protest groups – and ‘occupied the area’.

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