Mugabe Likes Bathing Children: Wife



Mugabe and Wife

AGED dictator’s President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace, has claimed that her husband is still fit and also assists her doing household chores including running bathing water for their children.

Mugabe’s wife told the state media at the weekend that her husband was still healthy despite old age. The ruthless ruler, in power for the past 32 years has made several trips to Asian countries to seek specialist treatment for life-threatening ailment such as prostate cancer.

But Grace denied Mugabe’s deteriorating health saying, “They say Mugabe is a very old man and this and that, but he is very sound and lucid,” she said.

Grace also made astonishing revelations that while Mugabe is feared by his political opponents, he is made to do daily household chores.

She further denied that she had total control over Mugabe’s political decisions amid speculation that Grace influenced the generiatric to cling to power although he has told his confidants including former Defence Minister Enos Nkala that he was “tired.”

“Nonsense! That’s nonsensical! He is a very intelligent man, please! What you are telling me is that you under­stand my husband. As intelligent as he is . . . you know sometimes when I want to say something to him I am so scared because I know the answers I am going to get.

“When he stands up to speak at any moment, even now, impromptu, if you say, President, make a speech, he will do it amazingly.

“Are you then saying he carries a tape recorder so that he listens to me first before he speaks? No, do not do that to the Presi­dent.”

Mugabe’s wife narrated how the old President is not only active in office, but even at home working up as early as 5am depend­ing on the schedule of the day.

“It is my husband who gets up out of bed first. Obviously, because he is the man of the house, he has to open the doors for the work­ers to come in. He does that everyday. I do not have to get up.

“He wakes up at around 5 o’clock and wakes the children up. I always tell him that he is spoiling them, they are grown ups. I am telling you, he will go to their rooms, knock on the door, enter, wake them up, run the tap for them.”

Grace said she is a strict mother who ensures that her children are aware that they should prepare well for their future.



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