Kaduna: Press Statement On Malicious Video In Circulation


The attention of the Kaduna State Government has been drawn to a one-minute video clandestinely being circulated within Kaduna State by some faceless people.

The content of the video which shows grainy images of heap of dead bodies being handled by security forces is basically meant to deliberately tarnish the image of the state, truncate the peace building process in place and pit the adherents of our two major religions against each other

For the avoidance of doubt, it is pertinent to mention that the scene in the video was not shot in Kaduna state as can be seen from the abundance of neems trees in the background and the accent of some of the people speaking in the video is completely alien to people of Kaduna. The police Van in the background also shows that it is not from Kaduna State.

If anyone comes into contact with the video he/she should ignore it as it is a deliberate effort by certain individuals to kindle and fan the embers of religious and ethnic differences amongst inhabitants of our state.

The good citizens of Kaduna state are enjoin not to play into the hands of these people who are bent in further creating enmity and division among us for their own devilish goals.

Trying to put the crisis of the past few days behind it, the State Government and all security agencies will not tolerate any deliberate attempt to incite the people of the state against each other and are prepared to deal firmly and decisively with anybody caught fomenting unrest.

The State Government remains resolute in its attempt at entrenching sustainable peace and urge all in the state to join in the effort, remain peaceful and law-abiding.

Thank You.

Reuben Buhari

Senior Special Assistant Media



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