Kaduna Blast: 52 Dead, 162 Injured, ACF Decry Killings


The ongoing bloody series of Black Sunday continued today, Sunday June 17, 2012 as multiple bomb blast rocked the State of Kaduna – at Zaria Kaduna south and Gonin Gora.

This is in addition to the suicide bomber that ram into the Shalom Church International in Trikaniya, Chikun Local government of Kaduna state – that inspired angry youth in the area who took to the street in protest – resulting to immediate violence. The violent protest by the angry youth in Trikaniya later spread to other communities like, Kakuri, Sabo, Romi and Gonin Gora roads. Our correspondent gathered the casualties affected in the suicide bombing numbered 32 while the reprisal killings numbered 20. A security official put the count of the injured at 162 as at 4:30pm.

247ureports.com paid a visit to Mararan Rido, Kakuri, Sabo, Romi and Gonin Gora roads around 12 pm before the arrival of the security agencies.  Some angry youths were seen mounting the various checkpoints searching every vehicle that stopped at the checkpoint; some of the vehicles with muslim-looking occupants were burnt in the process. Over 10 cars and motor bikes were burnt while most of the casualties were mostly travelers.

To the rescue were the men of the police and army who arrived at about 1pm. With the arrival of the security men, all the road blocks mounted by the youth were abandoned. The security men from Operation Yaki then collected the dead bodies and the injured. As at 2:30pm, security men took charge of the area while the irate youths ran to their houses

In the meantime, the Arewa Consultative Forum [ACF] has decried the bombings as needless. In their words, “The reported bombings of some churches and other places in Kaduna and Zaria towns which have resulted in loss of many lives and properties today, Sunday the 17th June,2012, have come to Arewa Consultative Forum as a surprise. A big surprise because this is coming in the wake of an offer of constructive engagement or dialogue by the federal government at the instance of well meaning Nigerians, including elders of North East geopolitical zone, which held a meeting in Bauchi last week”.

Speaking through its spokesman, the forum added that “The Forum also wishes to appeal to people not to take laws into their hands by way of reprisal attacks, precisely because any such reprisals would be misdirected at yet another set of innocent Nigerians who may have no links with the bombers. What is more, an-eye-for-an-eye is supposed to have yielded to go-and-sin-no-more long time ago. And to those who have lost loved ones and properties, the heart of ACF goes to them in this difficult times with prayers for God to provide them with fortitude to endure the losses as well as make it possible for replacement of the lost properties many folds”.

The Kaduna State government has since declared a 24-hour curfew throughout the State.  In a press statement release by the Kaduna State government, it states “His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa condemn in its entirety the unfortunate bombing of three churches in Wusasa in Zaria Local Government, Sabon Gari LG and Trikania, Chikun Local Government, Kaduna State. His Excellency, while regretting the unfortunate incident conveys his deepest condolence and sympathy to all those affected in the bombing.  In view of the incidents and the need to have complete normalcy and to forestall further break down of law and order, the State Government has imposed a 24 hours curfew in the whole state. The curfew hours start with immediate effect until further notice. Government regrets the inconveniences this drastic measure will cause to all and sundry. But the state government considers this to be necessary in other to averts further lost of lives and properties in the state again. The State Government has directed the security agencies to enforce compliance”.




  1. government should please run to the aid of its citizens, because to me it seems nothing is been done.yes, i am an igbo man, let every body forgive to what has already happen, and lets forge ahead,may God help us and restore unity back to nigeria. Amen.

  2. With these senseless reprisal attacks, more enemies are being created, who would want to revenge in future. The cycle of violence has no end then.
    Heavy permanent armed police presence is necessary at G/Gora pls.
    We clearly have no responsible leadership in Nigeria. Allah help us!!! Ameen!

  3. Please Christians should go ahead and muster all the counter forces at their disposal against the BH menace. All Nigerian Muslims will be happy and pray for your success.
    However, do not just target any Muslim just because he/she is a Muslim or a northerner. We are equally victims of BH at Potiskum, Kano, Borno, etc

  4. Please Christians should go ahead and muster all the counter forces at their disposal against the BH menace. All Nigerian Muslims will be happy and pray for their success.
    However, do not just target any Muslim just because he/she is a Muslim or a northerner. Muslims have equally victims of BH at Potiskum, Kano, Borno, etc

  5. Some stupid muslims are saying that one John Odia was behind the bombing, they should stop decieving themselves, why is it that no mosque has been attacked if the target is not to churches. I have said it and I will say it again, if you want peace then prepare for war. Isreal got their pace through war and christin in the north will only know peace when they might have wiped off these infidels. Bomb their mosques, Bomb all of them no pity. So many southerns are affected, Let the southerns destroy the mosques in the south then let see what will happen.


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