Happening now: Explosions, gunfire again in Damaturu


Sounds of several explosions and gunfire are being reported by residents of Nyanya, a suburb in the heart of Damaturu, the Yobe state capital.

It is not known at this time where is being targeted but state commissioner of Police, Mr. Patrick Egbenife has told Weekly Trust that men of the Joint Task Force have been deployed to the troubled location and are trying to repel the attackers.

Source: Weekly Trust



  1. Since they’v made Damaturu their headquarter now where other states ar bn controled nd fed am of d opinion maximum force shld b used again dem cos once a weapon has been piled it must be used as it is now.By d way how were these weapons gathered without bn detected by security operatives,for 48hrs non stop dey kept shooting, a war is bn declared in Nigeria un- officialy.Eforts must b put in place 2 keep d country 2geda,else,d cookies wil soon crumble.


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