Former PPA Youth Leader Lashes Out At Tonye Princewill…Say He’s Not A Politician But Deceitful Businessman



Mr.. Norisia Pepple - Former PPA Youth Leader

Former mobilizer/youth leader of Princewill Political Associates, PPA Mr. Norisia Pepple who recently resigned from PPA has lashed out furiously at the leader of the group and self acclaimed Prince of theNigerdelta, Prince Tonye Princewill describing him as a self seeking, greedy, deceitful business man milking politicians dry under the guise of a huge followership base.

Making this known through a resolution reached after an emergency meeting of the youth wing including the twenty (23) local government area youth coordinators of PPA, Pepple explained that having worked for Prince Tonye Princewil as youth leaders of Action Congress, (AC) from 2006 through when the party joined the unity government and later joined the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Princewill had nothing compared to what is attainable today.

He observed that inspite of the sudden changes in his fortunes largely brought about by the joint efforts of the youths who are always on hand to give him the needed support, Princewill has not been able to give the youths any job opportunity inspite of the variety of job opportunities he is benefiting from for joining forces with the unity government, etc. “We have suffered persistent deceit, hunger, constant frustration and lack of human face from Tonye Princewil leaving a gory picture of a man without conscience”, the resolution reads.

Pepple alleged that Chief eze Chukwuemeka Eze, the media consultant to the PPA leader was employed to deceive and lie to Rivers people, he revealed how Eze sent a text to them, describing their situation as monkey they work bamboo they chop. He said the G17 and G19 agenda for Osima Ginah, former Commissioner for urbam development was for his House of representative ambition that failed.

He alleged that Princewill’s excesses was instrumental to the polarity in the then Action Congress and was even in a bigger proportion responsible for the walk out of great and vibrant politicians within the rank of PPA.

Temple Joshua Ahoada East PPA Youth Coordinator, Deinma Tamunokuro Okrika PPA Youth Coordinator and Richard Ukaegbu Oyigbo Youth Coordinator among others were part of the emergency meeting held. As part of the resolutions, the youths have now formally resigned their membership of Princewill Political Associate (PPA), however they will still remain valid members of the |Peoples’ Democratic Party PDP.

They also resolved to henceforth stop supporting any of Prince Tonye Princewill’s political activities stressing that they see Tonye Princewil as a self seeking, greedy, deceitful business man rather than a politician. According to the statement “we are disassociating ourselves from him and advice PDP to tread carefully when dealing with him”.



  1. Norisha, I really didn’t know that hunger could transform a good man into a ungreatful xxxxxxx. I remember very well how you were enjoyong when you were with the ministry of urban development. My brother if youy couldn’t plan with all the opportunities you had then, blame no one for your current predicament. You’ve shown the world what a greedy looser you are. I’m happy Rivers people are smart and will ignore your unwaranted outburst of lies.


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