Boko Haram Invade Damaturu Prison Free 44 Prisoners


The weekly incursion of violence by the men of Boko Haram against the structures of the federal republic of Nigeria appears on a steady course as information available to through sources in Damaturu disclosed that the community of Damaturu saw the strategic invasion of a prison located near the Emir’s palace along Gashua road. An estimated number of 44 prisoners were set free.

Available information indicates that the invasion-like attack occurred in the early Sunday morning before Sunday worshippers began to attend church services. The attack included a combination small multiple bomb explosions and sporadic gun fire – from the gunmen – suspected to be men of the dreaded Islamic group, the Boko Haram.

A credible but unverified source informed that the attack was launched by the men of Boko Haram to rescue some of their ‘valuable’ officers that were unknowingly captured by the men of the joint task force stationed in Yobe. As the source indicated, some of the freed men included valuable officials of the group – whom if the Nigerian security forces were to have quizzed would have resulted to “a big hit” against the group. The source failed to disclose the identity of the valuable official.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that some of security officers mounting guard at the prison complex may have sustained casualties – including police officer.

Details remain sketchy.



  1. may Allah protect us with this Boko haram.for how long will this mess stop haba GEJ do something please.


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