SSS, Police Shoot Out Near CBN Quarters In Abuja


The afternoon of Wednesday April 18, 2012 saw a shoot out at the busy area of the Abuja Federal Capital Territory. As gathered through eyewitnesses on the the scene, sporadic gunshots was heard near Uturu Plaza located at the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] quarters in Utako area of Abuja.

According to the eyewitness report, the gunshots were coming from plain cloths police officers and mobile police officers [MOPOL] who were in hot pursuit of a vehicle. After a period of shooting, the security forces were able to arrest two of the occupants of the vehicle – they were dressed in orange colored kaftans. The shootings continued after the arrest – and after the scene had been barricaded.

It is believed that the people being pursued were not armed robbers but it is not certain who they were.

The men of the State Security Services [SSS] were also present on the scene. They drove in an Abuja colored Taxi vehicle.

Details remain sketchy.




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