Breaking News: Bomb Explosion Rocks Kano


Information coming into indicates that a bomb explosion has rocked Kano State.

The bomb explosion occurred in Sabon Gari – an Igbo dominated area of Kano State. The bomb explosion happened at 7:30pm at a popular bar/drink outdoors joint -at 38 New Road opposite St Stephen’s Anglican Church.

The explosion was said to have injured three persons and six vehicles. The details are still unfolding. The police and the joint task force have arrived on the scene -and has taken control of the crime scene.

Eyewitness reports indicate that the bomb was planted inside a sport utility vehicle parked near the bar.



  1. this bomb blast by boko haram is taking a new dimension that dosen’t augur well for the nation,it is very sure that the group does not want the southerners in their neighbourhood again, may be a break up would work

  2. The Boko Harams even though seen defeat clearly are tryin 2 create d impresion they are stil formidable using as usual their cowardly tactics 2 kill Inoncent pple but failed this time,if d Northern leaders are any wiser shld bury their face in shame nd cal 2 order these mad dogs of theirs,simply bcos they av no monopoly of violence,nd who say Sovereign national conference is not necessary?


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