New Fear Grips 6 Remaining DIGs, John Haruna May Have Been Murdered



Late John Haruna

The latest ramp up by the men of the Boko Haram  against the men of the Nigerian Police Force [NPF] may have begun to take its tool on the members of the police force. This is as information available to through sources at the police headquarters in Abuja indicate that the security situation has since tensed up to levels that threatens the work performances of the newly appointed deputy Inspector General of Police – the remaining six.

The continued pursuit of the men of Boko Haram against the top leadership of the Nigerian police force over the recent months has caused the members of the top leadership of the police force tobegin to do a rethinkof the services/duty to the nation. The source within the force headquarters revealed that the moral of the police force has in effect suffered a new low. There appears  a new fear of mass resignations from the top leaders in the force.

The source admitted that the officers of the force are silently unhappy with the federal government in the lackadaisical manner it continues to mishandle the security situation of police officers and of residents of Nigeria. This he stated while adding that the recent helicopter mishap near Jos city shows the situation faced by the Nigerian police officer in today’s Nigeria. He said the within the police force at the headquarters in Abuja, the beileve among fellow officers are unanimous that DIG John Haruna and the 3 others were murdered. He revealed that the Police Inspector General has received details concerning the copter crash which seem to indicate [with near certainty] that the mishap was man-made.

The source added that the details of the copter mishap has become the talk among the top leadership of the force. “Everybody knows what happened“, stated the source who continued to add that the other 6 remaining deputy inspectors have come to believe that the copter mishap was a calculated murder orchestrated from within the ranks of the police. They believe the Islamic group still have a strong presence within the Nigerian Police Force to enable subversion of security.

An aide close to one of the newly appointed DIG, Emma K. Udeoji also spoke to our correspondent regarding the new fear gripping the force. He said that the fear has become particularly acute for the new non-muslim DIGs. He revealed that the police force was aware of clear and credible threats against the late John Haruna immediately following his double promotion to DIG – but the force played down the threat.

There is no trust now. Everybody is suspect” said the source while adding that the new security threat has changed “everything about the job“.

Meanwhile, it is recalled that the leadership of Boko Haram had earlier earmarked N500,000 for each member who murders a Nigerian plice officer – and N1,000,000 for Nigerian military officers.



  1. The BH man is at the helm of affairs and decided to start by eliminating his perceived rivals, afterall he has not yet been confirmed. His antecedents in the Jos crisis of 2001 will clearly tell everyone who cares to know what he will do as IG.

  2. I dont believe that security has anything to do with the death of Haruna John, all on board were top police officers, but who is who, BH in police, BH in Millllitary ,BH in every sector, where are we running to? No security measure can stop it only reduction. Lets pray to God abeg.

  3. The president is right d new helicopter used by even d IG, went on flame, after he Haruna John has finalised his report nd was 2 sumit it in Abuja over bomb atack on d catholic church in Jos,perfect job so at last they kill John, frm d on onset they cried over his elevation,no problem Nemesis is not a Nigerian it must strike soonest,all d Boko harams nd their colaborators will meet their waterloo,d IG was said 2 av ask him 2 stay nd finish up d tasks,bravo man,we ar watchin nd God is not silence too.


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