Jos Riots, Soldier Shoots 4 Rioters


Following the bombing of a Roman Catholic Church by a group suspected to the dreaded Islamic terrorist sect, the Boko Haram which resulted to over 15 dead and 25 injuries – a riot has resulted to spontaneously street protests by the youths of Jos. The protests was reported to have started last night and spewed into today [Monday, March 12, 2012].

As gathered, the soldiers attacked to the joint task force in Jos have begun to curtail the rioting youths. The rioting youths, according to information received, are asking for the soldiers to leave the city of Jos – because the task force has should no signs of curtailing the activities of the Islamist terrorist group. In particular, the youths pointed to the many road blocks which the suicide bomber had to cross before getting to the Church premises. The suicide bomber had to cross four road blocks before reaching the Church. The youths in turn has begun to ask that the indigenous security apparatus be allowed to secure the city.

The rioting has since caught steam – and is reported to be spreading across the city. Latest figures indicate that the task force soldiers has shot four of the rioters. The extent of the injuries are not known but the injuries are not immediately life threatening. Thr victims are said to be receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.

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