Consequences of Anger


From Walter Duru
Exactly seventy (70) years ago, the Sole Spiritual head of the Universe, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu challenged the entire world to cause Him to be angry. Till date, no one has been able to do it. This is simply because He has conquered anger in this advent.
Anger is a strong feeling of displeasure. It causes one to loose everything he or she has. It puts one in a disadvantaged position. It is the source of most predicaments in life.
According to the Supernatural Teacher, “witches, wizards and every evil you can think of have anger as their stepping stone. Why do people say satan is powerful? It is because every other day, you are angry. If you are in this Kingdom and you follow the doctrine of the Father, anger will not have any base within you.”
“How many people know that things which anger destroys are so many and great that no one could imagine? Any moment you are angry, you are out of the Kingdom to hell?”
No matter the extent at which the word of God is given to one, if the person is angry, he or she is not safe. The person will not see this Kingdom. All the individual has tried to do will be lost.
Unfortunately, anger and doubt is the onerous sickness, which all men suffer from. An angry man is a wretched man; he is sick, foolish and dead. It is said that anger lies in the bosom of fools. Indeed, anger is an enemy to man.
It is what disturbs the world today; and that is why a man cannot rule his house. The reason that things go topsy-turvy with man is his propensity for anger and doubt.
We have all heard of the life pattern of our Lord Jesus Christ, how patient He was; He did not take offence with any person and did not argue. It is said that a man of God must not be quarrelsome. He should not be angry. He must be gentle and patient when others offend him.
He uses meekness and humility to change people from evil ways into the path of life. A man should not be angry for any reason whatsoever, neither should he doubt. Wife battery, killing, beating children, destruction of houses, etc, can only be attributed to anger.
We have to be patient with our lives, wives, children and all those who have contact with us. We have to console them and be patient with them. You have to deal with them with all amount of gentleness, humility and love.
There is too much pride and arrogance among men. The responsibility, which the Father has entrusted to man, is for him to be patient and refrain from argument.
Anger hinders happiness. It is also said that anger is a momentary madness. The moment one is angry, he/she can demolish a whole building and later the action is usually regretted.
For brethren at the head, it behooves on them to be patient, no matter what any person does to them; listen and be patient with the person, then you will become a good head.
Even if somebody abuses you, do not be angry. If somebody disgraces you, do not argue, and do not be angry. If you ask somebody to do something and he refuses to do it, do not argue with him, do not ask questions and do not be angry.
Anger is a major sickness to mankind. Now that the Holy Father is in our midst to bless us, overcoming anger is a litmus test for all.
We all pray the Holy spirit to give us ability to overcome anger.
It is a menace that all must strive to overcome!


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