Boko Haram: Panic Grips The SSS


New intelligence reports available to the State Security Services [SSS] through security reports obtained from feild agents stationed in the Yobe/Gombe/Bauchi axis suggest that the men of Boko Haram have sworn to avenge the embarrassing arrest of their media front man. As gathered, the SSS agents believe the leadership of the Boko Haram have temporally switched their targets to focus more on the assasination of SSS officers.

It is understood that the Boko Haram leadership view the men of the SSS as a more viral enemy since it is charged with the collection of intelligence information on the Islamic group. And this reason, the Islamic group has adopted the new tragedy that now entails the elimination of SSS agents – believed to be gathering intelligence information on them.

The recent [Sunday Night] shooting of  an SSS officer, Mamman Shettima, by unidentified gunmen in Damaturu, the Yobe State capital – feeds to the panic that has gripped the SSS agents.

According to reports, Mamman Shettima was trailed by two gunmen who shot him close to his house in Ajari, near the Central Primary School, Damaturu. The area is also a stone throw from the palace of Emir of Damaturu. Shettima was ‘selectively’ shot as he chatted with friends.

The two gunmen struck at about minutes after 7pm in a manner similar to that of Boko Haram. They first threw an explosive that made people to scamper for safety, before shooting the SSS officer on the thigh. The gunmen fled the area. Yobe State Commissioner of Police, Lawal Tanko confirmed that an SSS officer was shot.

The SSS headquarters in Abuja have remained mute on the matter but unofficial source tell that close door meetings with the other security outfits are current ongoing to address the new threats received by the SSS.



  1. The activities of these Morons known as Boko Haram is more than a religious madness, but a national shame. It is destroying the Nigerian economy and tarnishing the image of its citizens. Traveling with Nigerian passport these days is worse than traveling with a bag of cocaine.


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