Oil Subsidy: Protest Within Jonathan’s Cabinet


Information available to 247ureports.com through sources housed in Abuja indicates the President’s executive cabinet may have been unsettled by the sudden hike in petrol prices by the President, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan through an announcement made on the first day of January 2012.

“There is a split within the President’s executive cabinet” stated an authoritative source. A majority of the cabinet members are uneasy over Jonathan’s management of the internal affairs of the Cabinet . Top on the list is the sectionalization of the cabinet team by the President. Information points to Jonathan’s blind embrace of three cabinet members [Okonjo Iweala, Allison Madueke, and Maduakwe] as the principal factor causing the split.

The Presidency had turned its powers  to the trio – thus disabling the President into following the dictates of the trio.

Some of the other cabinet members are understood to be unhappy – and have begun ‘talking’ among themselves. Many within the cabinet have complained of not being carried along in the deliberation of policy matters.

On the heels of a fledgling loyalty within the cabinet – the sudden hike in petrol prices – which many within the cabinet were not in-the-know prior to the announcement, precipitated “a protest” within the Jonathan cabinet.

Our sources state that the Attorney General of the Federation, Adoke [SAN] as amongst the aggrieved cabinet members. He recently told our source that “he is not in support of the sudden hike in fuel prices” implying that he may resign if Jonathan decides to stay the course. Other cabinet members have also expressed their displeasure.

A segment of the cabinet are also aggrieved by the rush to set a board to handle the re-investment of the monies to be made from the hike in fuel prices. Ihe two board was set up without consultation with the cabinet members.

The Federal Executive Council [FEC] meeting presided over by President Jonathan today saw glimpses of the unsettled nature of the assembled group. The meeting was a sobering one, according to our source. The members did not talk much but listened to the President as he reeled out palliative measures to placate the Nigerian masses against sudden increase in prices.

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  1. What a New Year present and what a way to pauperize Nigerians the more. Our government is not for us; but always against us. Like they say in Latin——-videbimus———WE SHALL SEE!

  2. Jonah is an insult as Mr. President of Nigeria, he’s a presidential puppet…he should better step down for his deeply corrupt political oligarchs and magnates…he’s a president of Nigerian looters, thieves, selfish and wicked people…he’s weak and callous to be a president, a stooge…


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