“What Happened In Warri Yesterday Is Minor” – Ijaw Militants


[Yesterday, A mosque was bombed in Warri, Delta State]

Boko Haram merciless bombing and killings going on in the NORTH. The continuous killings of Christians in the North are unbearable to us now. Boko Haram has been leaving bombs around churches and other places with clusters of the innocent.   why all these killings of innocent Niger Deltans? With this trend, we can’t leave together. Leave Niger Delta now!!! Your failure to leave at the expiration of this letter, we’ll start to kill any MUSLIM WE SEE IN THE NIGER DELTA REGION full stop and no going back. 

No section of this country is an embodiment of killing others. Muslims can’t live in our land freely (Niger Delta) while BOKO HARAM will be killing our people in their land. This is our message, If you like stay and test our ultimatum and see what will happen. We are fully ready to kill if muslims test us. What happened in Warri today is minor and we shall continue more if they don’t leave our land. Every muslim should leave now or BLOOD.

 We have tasted blood war during the days of our agitation for equal right. These Boko Haram live among you and pray in the same mosque. So you can’t claim that you don’t know where the Boko Haram is. Every Niger Delta to return home as our message will going to be implemented without hesitation. And any person or individual that make inflammatory statement against us will be dealt with. We the EGBESU MIGHTIER FRATERNITY have giving you our word. We have killed and we will not hesitate to kill again if you dare us.

EGBERI faooo!!!!

This is signed by the Joint Revolutionary Council.



  1. If the issue of bombing a mosque in delta state is correct, then we the masses of southern states are fully in support of our brothers in delta and urge them to do more. Lool at what happened in kaduna yesterday as northern youth in solidarity to boko haram threw a bomb in the premises where igbo’s are selling motor spare parts and killed many people and distroyed properties worth millions of naira belonging to the igbo’s. Those who saw the boys that threw the bomb told the police and the governor that it was a bomb blast but instead they filed their own wrong report that it was a blast from the shop of a battery seller. Where is UN, UK, US and RUSSIA, while all these are happening. They supported nigeria in killing our people in a pogrom that started in 1945 till now, it has not stoped and u guys are still talking of one nigeria. As u guys did not want to do the right thing and disintegrate this country peacefully so that these killing of BIAFRANS will stop then i urge my brothers in northern nigeria to take up arms and fight back without living any stone un-turned.

    • @Nasir u are crazy your statement shows dat all muslims are terrorist u cal ur religion a religion of peace yet u ar killin ppl.shame on u.

  2. My summation is that these guys have an agenda, they want retaliation at all cost, by all means their main target is getting rid of Jonathan. But a word is enough for the wise. Blood for blood does not achieve success. I’ld advice caution, we have inter married, there are businesses all over the place, our blood relatives reside up there, we have gone through a bloody civil war and so many were sacrified for the unity of this great country. Lets not fall into their traps. They want to dis stabilise this country, can we withstand a second war? Can we afford it? Where would our children run? I didnt see the past war but i have read and know alot of it, and other civil wars, the beginings are always fine but the end is always ugly. Lets reason as humans not as animals, they are animalistic and only taming can stop a rampaging animal.

  3. I fully support my brothers from the Niger Delta and I expect Ndigbo, to regroup in any form, under a united umbrella and fight back. These Northerners are not supposed to be seen as brothers and should be dealt with. When it shall start in the east, not even one Muslim, will be granted to leave alive, because it shall be a case of Sangre por Sangre ( Blood calls for Blood ). And woe betide any Governor, in the east that would try to protect the muslims here. It shall surely be a case of No forgiveness No mercy.

  4. Boko Haram is a front for the Hausa/Fulani to intimidate Nigerians and especially Jonathan to ensure that power is returned to them. If you want to see what the future of Nigeria will look like if they take over again, look at the Sharia States as a model of where every State is heading.

    It is either a negotiated dissolution of Nigeria or true Federalism. The negotiation is on and violence is already on the table as part of the deal, it is good thing that the South and the Middle belt can see through the gimmicks. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  5. War can be easy to start but very very hard to stop, Please do not advise any war arrangement in Nigeria. My God, I pray let that be peace in my country Nigeria in Jesus name, Amen!!

  6. Nasir, thank u 4 ur advice. As u know, uniformity is a sin and is against the existence of human cos God did not create us to think or act the same way. U see why we are calling u northerners wicked and heartless fellow. I did not advice ur brothers the boko haram members to stop the killing of innocent citizen but rather u took time to advice me to bomb my own. Pls lets call a spade a spade. What the northerners are doing is not acceptable at all. If they really want the nation to disintegrate, let them come out openly rather than hidden cowards. If they are not cowards, let them say that they want their own country instead of killing innocent citizens.

  7. Why is it dat no northener here has outrightly condemned bokoharam ? I blame d president fr nt convening a snc. We lack gud leadership. Truth is dat 9ja can’t be one ctry and d sooner we split d beta. I also blame christians fr nt bein united as d muslims in dis quest. Our pastors too r nt speaking out. Wat kind of ctry is dis ? Christians shd unite and stop sendin their pple to d north either in form of nysc, work, etc xcept in d case of soldiers and police who can protect dem selves in d event of harrassment.

    • its the same people with the same shallow mind like you that are rulling this country,i wonder if u ever had the opportunity of seing beyond your village square,had u?u wudnt had said all these.

  8. hey,hey great niaja youth for life! listen to me there is no fire without a smoke and no smoke without clustars of dry woods. all these happening are being mastarminded by some barstard politicians who calls themselfs leaders of our dearest country. i bet you when war shall begine they will be the first to fly there wives and childrens out. so be wise and don’t be victeem of those who will die for fools.

  9. As muslim we know if you christian insult northerner’s we are not worry becouse you include your postor’s in the north and if to say we muslim we will come out for war Nigerian christians should not be enough for us.becouse muslim never fail in any war if we die that was what we need and if we kill we became the victory.

  10. Look there is nothing wrong with muslems in Nigeria,look at the Yeruba muslem brothers and sisters..they rent their houses and live side by side with all Nigerians despite their religous or ethnic origin/ affiliations.How many times have you heard of a Yeruba muslem killing a non-muslem.Most igbos stayed in lagos during the war remember.The problem is deeper than most can imagine. The hausas and fulanis have never considered themselves Nigerians and by their nature should careless what happens to the rest of Nigerians…ex sabongeri.(strangers)is all over the northern territory till today.So you can wish it, pray for it,and whatever,theres no one Nigeria in the first place, as far as the huasas and the fulanis are concerned.And for someone to advocate to just leave them alone and let them continue killing innocet people is simply absurd, how long will it last and how many more lives will be lost.ITS TIME TO SPEAK THE ONLY LANGUAGE THEY WILL UNDERSTAND…an eye for an eye up there.And the rest of Nigerians must rally around one another to destroy what is trying to destroy all of us.Ask my friends in number 1 Salami str. Ikeja
    . Lagos brother Salami, Alhaji Adenekwo and brother Taju..they are all muslems, what one Nigeria should look like. I am an igbo and a christain.

  11. My brothers in Niger-Delta i think it’s beta 4 us 2 pray nd luk 4 solution, 2 wrogs cn neva make right,even we muslims in d north ar nt in suport of d boko haram’s acts,if u ar folowin media most of deir victims ar muslims,nd dont forget dat ISLAM is in everywhere in d country nd in every tribe.

  12. Oh my God, these are the Nigerian youth speaking, if this is actually the thinking of our future leaders, then where are we heading to as a nation. My brothers frm the south, let me tell you my mother is a southerner and my father a northerner, what do you want me to do since I reside in the north, my best friend is a northerner and the person that sponsor my education is a southerner frm my maternal side. Nigeria has suffered a lot to remain united and there it shall be. The issue of Boko Haram is a social problem, as there exist in the south and Muslim are the ones most affected. On daily basis lives are being lost either of Muslim or christian, mind you bomb or bullet can not differentiate btw a Muslim or Christian. My advise is let us be more united at this trying time and help our leaders to solve this problem.

    • Susu you don’t talk like this to people who are aggrieved, i would like you to go through Belloh’s comment just before yours and see how he constructively appealed for a stop to this Jeopardy in our country. Please do not add more fuel to the fire of Grievance in them. Some of these persons have lost more than one of their Loved ones in this same boko haram bombing that has being on for a long yl nw… so what are we saying… Let pray that God in His infinite mercy look upon us and our country Nigeria with pity and PUT a stop to this Menace we are experiencing. Amen

  13. To Nnanna on Niger Delta threat to Northerners. I thought women a more sympathetic than men, but you have proven me wrong with your mad opinion.
    Any way, remember there are more igbo interest in the North than North interest in the South-East, or is it because you do not have a brother up North.

    We live to see. Those who live by the sword, die by it.

    • u shit ass parasitic north ask your leaders what they did with the oil wealth. while Ogonis suffer the consequences of the theft. southerners are damn too slow to react. but this aint No 1960 u guys gonna loose

  14. @Muhammad Bashir,
    I had expected you to condemn the Boko haram menace here. I had expected northern leaers to condemn and fish out the Boko Haram members. Uptill now, nothing. Do the northerners believe the rest of Nigeria shall be intimidated through Boko Haram to hand over political power to a corenortherner after GEJ? Never gonna happen! Without stopping Boko Haram do you people not see yet that Nigeria is on the verge of disintegration into smaller countries?

  15. Diss poor hausa and fulani idiots, dont know why this niger pple are nw claiming to be nigerians and causing mayhem. if they dont want to be part of nigeria, let the country disintigrate, after all they dont have anything to offer, nothing academically, intellectually, economicaly or otherwise, just empty barrels is what they are.

  16. I condem this boko haram people and I must say am utterly disgusted at how people are insulting northeners thinking power is what we are after.Look beyond what you see,even in the niger delta brothers are killing brothers for oil money.Infact Nigeria should disintegrate and let’s see….

  17. hmmmm. war! am ashamed at the way you guys make fruitless comments about boko haram and niger deltans. can you guys ask yourself simple questions who is gaining and who is losing? my brothers from the south are screaming that the north are using this to discredit jonathan. while that same president is on the verge of signing chunks of security budgets to foriegn private security outfits from the west. my people look deep at the indices who is gaining who is losing.

  18. please go and look for an article written by gordon duff “nigeria targeted for destruction” for those who have eyes to see for those who have ears to hear. this is beyond mere coverup of religious crisis.get informed and don’t be an ignorant scum.


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