Presidential Cover Up: The Real Reason Farida Waziri Was Removed


The recent removal of the Chairperson of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC] in the person of Madam Farida Waziri by the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan appears to have secret reasons that resulted to the sacking of the Chairperson. Information available to indicates that the former EFCC Chairperson was sacked abruptly/unceremoniously following “unauthorized” investigations performed by the EFCC on some of the prominent Federal Ministers that constitute President Jonathan’s kitchen cabinet. The EFCC investigation was reported to have unearthed significant financial crimes committed by the said ministers.

The EFCC Madam had initiated an “unauthorized” investigation into a few Ministers considered close to the President -of which Diezani Allison Madueke was part of. And at the completion of the investigation, the findings were personally presented to the President by the EFCC Madam.  Of particular attention and concern to the President was the information unearthed on the Federal Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison Madueke which indicated that she had purchased a luxurious mansion in Australia worth over $20million among other investments scattered across the globe. Other Ministers were also indicted by the report.

As was reliably informed by a top ranking EFCC board member, the President, upon receiving the findings from the EFCC Madam, sought for the EFCC halt actions on the findings. The Presidency, as gathered, was not particularly pleased with the list of names/individuals investigated. The source termed EFCC’s efforts as “disloyal” and somewhat “anti-Jonathan”. It was understood that the EFCC Madam wanted to “rubbish” the ministrial cabinet of the President noted the source who also continued to explain that the EFCC Madam knew that the Presidency willmost likely terminated her appointment as the EFCC Chairperson-and so had little reservations or fear to launched a daunting inquiry into the financial activities of some of Jonathan’s close ministers.

Our source revealed also that it was through the EFCC investigation that it was uncovered that the Petroluem Minister owed a mansion worth over $20million. And when the Presidency was made aware of it by the EFCC, the Presidency asked the EFCC to put a tight lid on the information and to halt all actions on the matter. But the EFCC Madam had other intentions. Instead of muting actions on the findings, the EFCC Madam sought to leak some of her findings to the media in a manner that would seem safe. She leaked the information through an Australian based newspaper.

But it backfired.

As the news broke, the Petroluem minister in tandem with the presidency launched an inquiry through the Nigerian Intelligence Agency [NIA] into the source of the news leak. The inquiry pointed to the EFCC Madam. Farida Waziri was then instructed to report to the Aso Villa for an immediate querry.  The next day her sack was announced.

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  1. if this report b true, how can naija exponge corruptn i her body politics. Why is Gel shieldn his ministers frm being investigated? Surely EFCC in used to hunt dose not in d good book of d ruling party. Ife ojo adighi mma.

  2. While you claim to be “Impartial Observer” I have seen a trend in your bias report, with useless underlying reporting. You have not done a good job of pretence here. What is your purpose of this reporting other than to castigate the Minister of petroleum? I do not support looting our treasury, but suffice it that Farida over stayed her call. What happened to all the known ex governors, ministers and others already being “investigated” before and after she assumed office? Has there been any prosecution yet? Or what was her intent to seal the thousands of know corruption cases and dabble into the so called Allision’s financial matters? Who was the other petroleum ministers before Allison, and did she investigate them? Or is the EFCC an Hausa affair, that it must be chaired by north? You claimed that she investigated “ministers” close to the president, but you mentioned only Allison, so who are the rest, if her so called investigation was not a witch hunt? Initially, I was your fan, but I began to see the paranoid in your reporting and I know I had advised you personally on the telephone (if you remember) when you picked on Maurice Iwu and started wide reporting. Please earn your living peacefully, and examine your source(s) before going on the air. You have obligation to ask hard questions. If Farida has a gruse to grand with Allision, let her come clean. Who is investigating Farida? Or is she a saint?

  3. This is another one those reports I find very hard to wrap my head around. Just too many reliable sources. It would seem that you guys are not bold enough to either name your sources, or even describe the environment around which this source operates, to make your stories more believeable.

  4. where in the place, how did she buy it,which day- month-and year,what document to back this,and who gave you this information?

  5. honestly, an ordinary Nigerian wouldn’t have bothered himself with outburst like this. however, what pains the citizens most is the manner their collective intelligence is serially and systematically abused on a daily basis. i do not have any sympathy with the former EFCC Chairperson, because the alleged Ministers said to have been investigated by the Anti-Corruption body and Madam Farida are Birds of the same feather. it all a PDP affair which can at best be handled by the bigwigs of the Party. What ordinary Nigerians needs for now is strategies on how to get rid of the PDP in the forth-coming elections 2015


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