Mourning the Madallah Christmas Bomb Victims

By Muhammad Ajah
Let there be peace. Let there be love. Let there be religious tolerance. Let there be understanding. And let Nigeria be. Let there be no bloodletting. Let there be no inhumanity. And let Nigerians collectively brace up to the war against Nigeria. Let the political leaders stand up and act. Let the religious leaders assemble and spread understanding. Let the traditional leaders mount pressure on their people to believe in one Nigeria. And let parents and teachers inculcate in the Nigerian children the non-passionate approach to controversial religious issues in a religiously delicate society like ours.
Let Islam and Christianity coexist in a more modern, natural and peaceful environment called Nigeria. The proponents of these two worldwide divine faiths, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessings of God be upon them) are beloved beings created by one God and sent to preach and spread love amongst humanity and closeness to God, the creator of all in existence.  
Even as a Muslim who believes that everything that happens is as ordained by the Almighty, it is infidelity to take a life or cause a life to perish without a just cause. Whoever is responsible for these nefarious acts would not dodge the wrath of the Overpowering God. Just time! And painful death is a sure end for the wicked.
If the target were not worship houses, it could be understood that the people are aggrieved with bad governance. But when people who go to their worship or study places become victims of their own innocence, then emergency should be the next declaration. Enough for these carnages, O Nigerians!
Governors of the states must also act collectively. They should meet and take decisive plan to tackle this menace. No one should feel free because stones that are coming from different directions have no specific targets. Today, it is not you. Who knows tomorrow? But again, why the delay in taking serious actions to protect lives of the citizenry which is the first and foremost responsibility of leadership?
My passionate appeal is that Muslim and Christian leaders should rise up to this challenge and prove to the world that both religions are not enemies. I will like a situation where the clerics of both religions would often meet to discuss and understand each other’s way of thinking and practical lives. It should not be enough to preach virtues in worship houses. Followers should be guided at all times amidst the cruelties of socio-economic backgrounds in the country.  
May the souls of the departed Nigerians from the blast rest in peace. It is for the leaders not to allow the situation to go out of hand. There is no call for religious acrimony and war in Nigeria. The Sultan and the leaders of the Christian faith should meet and carry peace messages to the grassroots. Let the Interfaith body intensify its efforts and practically reach out to the grassroots.
One love! Let’s get together and feel alright!!
Muhammad Ajah is a writer, author, advocate of humanity and good governance based in Abuja. E-mail


  1. I have said it and i will say it again. our people say that prevention is better than care. and also that a fool at 40 is a fool for ever. this killing started as way back as 1945 which is 66 yrs now and u are here still talking of begging those who started killing u since 1945 to killing. what nonsense. how many times will something happen to u before u realized and put a stop to it once and for all. let me ask us one important question in this forum. how do we want to prepare for our children future maybe after we have gone. maybe this is a kind of country u want ur children to live in and the kind of thinds u want them to be witnessing everyday.Shame. do u think that this killing will end? no. it wont. in igbo adage we use to say that the best way for us to remain friends with respect to each other is by living seperately (oyi ka mma na mbiarute). if u guys want this killings to stop. then cure it once and for all by agreeing to live on ur own in ur own country. the country can be divided into 3 or 4. the middle beltans and all those muslim who dont like the killings can belong in one country while other make there choice. as for me. i dont care if they kill any of u in north because u dont want to live in ur own country but always to sample urselves as sallar or christmas ram for them to slaughter again. my people a stitch in time saves nine. I have long ago denounce my citizen ship from nigeria the day i left the shore of the shore of the country. I am a full and recognized citizen of my dear beloved country Biafra with my Biafran travelling passport and other documents. so if u like still stay there and be killed like goat or ram. learn from mr obiukwu who said that he left kano 20 years ago because of the killings in northern nigeria and came to settle in madalla because is peacful and now he has lost 4 grown up children, accept my condolence my brother but others should learn from there so that they will not lost anybody tomorow or next. asuming that this man stayed somewhere within biafra, he wouldnt have lost his beloved children this way. The housas want u to go from there land. thats fine with me. don’t u have house or home? I left kaduna some years back because of this things and now i am fairing better than then. Tell the world what u want and they will give u that. to me the best way is for all of us to demand for our dear Biafra. thank u


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