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Poll Claims Americans Prefer Israel’s Netanyahu Over Obama



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Kurt Nimmo
November 13, 2011

The man who may push the world into a catastrophic war, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, is more popular than Obama according to a Greenberg Quinlan Rosner poll.

“52.3 percent of Americans rate Netanyahu positively, compared to 51.5 percent for Obama. Other polls have Obama’s approval ratings even lower, while Netanyahu has been consistently winning praise,” reports Israel Today magazine.

The Washington Examiner called the polling firm to confirm and request the full data, including the margin of error, but as of yesterday had not heard back from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner.

It is difficult to believe 52.3 percent of Americans even know who Netanyahu is. He isn’t, after all, Justin Bieber.

Netanyahu and his political party, Likud, have pushed for an attack on Iran for years.

Netanyahu has repeatedly emphasized that he wants to launch a military strike on Iran, notes Norman Solomon. “This is the Israeli government’s primary obligation,” Netanyahu said. “If it is not done by the current government, I plan to lead the next government to stop the Iranians.”

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“The specter of Netanyahu and Ahmadinejad fueling each other’s madness as heads of state is frightening. In such a circumstance, the primary danger of conflagration would come from nuclear-armed Israel, not nuclear-unarmed Iran,” Solomon adds.

As Paul Craig Roberts noted back in 2009, Netanyahu and the Likudites in Israel know that if they attack Iran, the United States will get involved in short order due to its shared relationship and determination to kill Muslims. The “ironclad agreement between Israel and Washington to war against Muslim peoples is far stronger than the connection between the American public and the American government,” Roberts notes.

“The two great murderous, refugee-producing countries are the U.S. and Israel. Between them, they have murdered and dislocated millions of people who were a threat to no one,” Roberts writes elsewhere. “No countries on earth rival the U.S. and Israel for barbaric, murderous violence.”

“The military/security complex that rules America, together with the Israel Lobby and the banksters, needs a long list of dangerous enemies to keep the taxpayers’ money flowing into its coffers.”

“Israel is now ruled by the most nationalist, racist, and fanatical government it has ever had,” Ran HaCohen wrote in 2009 when “the rogue triumvirate of Netanyahu, Barak, and Lieberman” reined supreme. “Make no mistake: Netanyahu is a man of the occupation, as he always has been.”

In a perverse sort of way, this highly suspect poll makes sense. After all, millions of Americans not only rushed to the polls and voted for Obama, many of them experienced a delusional fervor bordering on schizophrenia during his campaign.

This occurred despite the obvious fact the Democrat Party is the mirror refection of the Republican Party and both enthusiastically support never-ending war and mass murder extending back to Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson.

Bill Clinton oversaw the murder by starvation and disease of more than a half million Iraqi children, a record trumped by Republican George W. Bush, who as commander in chief managed to slaughter more than a million Iraqis and an undetermined number of Afghans and Pakistanis. Obama is adding exponentially to the pile of rotting flesh. He has moved the operation into Africa.

Netanyahu has the blood of Palestinian children on his hands, but that does not stand in the way of his popularity – again, if we can believe this poll – here and in Israel, the land of colonial mass psychosis.

Maybe Wilhelm Reich was right when he said the people suffer from a spiritual and psychological flaw because they invariably support and worship the most brutal and venal of leaders from Hitler to Stalin and Mao.

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