Ojukwu 78: Bianca Gives Up Amidst Renewed Medical Complications

Entrance Road Leading To Ezeigbo's Home in Nnewi, Anambra State

The 78th birthday of the Ezeigbo Gburugburu [November 4, 2011] may have served a festive occasion for the immediate nuclei family of Ezeigbo and the entirety of Nigeria but all that glitters is not gold.

This is as information available to 247ureports.com reveals that the supposed birthday celebration at Ezeigbo’s residence hosted by Mrs Bianca Onoh-Ojukwu was not attended by Ezeigbo’s children for reasons believed to border on the misuse of their father’s name and illness for political gains. An exclusive sources close to the Ezeigbo family inform that the children of Ezeigbo remain unhappy with the continued misuse of the name of Ezeigbo by individuals who do not mean well.

Inquiry into the present condition of Ezeigbo reveals a bitter reality difficult to swallow. Bianca Ojukwu’s has renewed her secret move to remove Ezeigbo from the present medical facility to a much cheaper facility similar in kind to a nursing home. 

Her previous abrupt decision to remove Ezeigbo out of The Wellington, one of the best neurological rehabilitation hospitals in the United Kingdom for stroke patients, and admit him into a cheaper alternative, Lynden Hill, a nursing home in Berkshire resulted in the near death of Ezeigbo. This was as Ezeigbo’s lung became infected and he fell to phnemonia induced coma and had to be rushed to the intensive care unit of another medical facility. And the worst was averted. 

Principal sources close to the activities of the Ojukwu family revealed that Bianca and her sister Lillian Onoh, who has become increasingly involved in her younger sister’s marriage and family affairs, have once again, without consulting the family, decided that no more can be done for Ezeigbo. Apparently, the money put aside by Governor Peter Obi for Ezeigbo’s medical care in a top medical centre would be better spent on ‘other family-related things’.  According to the source, these women have deemed it appropriate and fitting for Ezeigbo to be placed into another nursing home. As expected, the members of Ezeigbo’s immediate family who appear helpless in the matter are horrified by this decision.

The general feeling within the family, it is understood, is that Ezeigbo should be given the best possible treatment he can get, and that the care he needs should be provided in a hospital environment eminent in the field of neurological rehabilitation. This is also the view a third-party medical expert who was invited by senior members of the family to assess Ezeigbo.

Ezeigbo’s move to the Lynden Hill Nursing Home on the 6th of June 2011 was also a decision apparently made by Bianca and her older sister. The move resulted in the rapid deterioration of Ezeigbo’s condition and the reversal of his then improving state of health.  He was subsequently rushed to the Royal Berkshire Hospital’s A & E unit on the 26th of June and then into a Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) a day later; an event which members of his family and close friends are still seething about.

His latest planned move to another nursing home, 247ureports.com understands, came as a complete surprise to family members. It has left them dismayed, especially because Bianca had recently claimed that Governor Peter Obi had assured her that he would make certain the great man, Ezeigbo, who he sees as his Godfather, is given the best treatment possible in an environment that will accord him the respect and dignity he deserves.  

But there was an interesting development unfolding against the promise of Gov Peter Obi. And that is the subtle and/or secret move of Ezeigbo to another nursing home – scheduled to happen last Monday, the 31st of October; a day after Governor Peter Obi visited to the hospital. It is not clear whether the Governor of Anambra State knew about the plan to relocate Ezeigbo but it is certain that the decision to move him came after Gov Peter Obi visited the hospital facility. Nonetheless, the planned relocation was delayed following Ezeigbo’s re-infection of his respiratory system – requiring a closer supervision by his doctors.

Meanwhile Ezeigbo’s family are peeved by Bianca’s decision to leave her husband this critical time to travel to Nigeria. At a time her husband is undergoing a critical medical situation. Bianca left her husband in London to attend a prayer session in Nigeria organized by Ralph Uwazurike of MASSOB and hosted by her.  “Apparently her prayers will be more effective in Nigeria than by her husband’s side.  …Last year she flew to the USA just before Ezeigbo’s birthday. This year she has flown back to Nigeria from the UK, again just before her husband’s birthday which is very ironic.” – stated close source to the family.

Not minding that the birthday prayer was attended by many great people who genuinely love and respect Ezeigbo but Bianca’s motives are suspect. Impartial observers point out that hosting an event in honour of her husband as not being the priority, rather taking the ‘right’ decision about her husband’s future medical care and being by his side is the priority. Speculators charge that she is angling for political recognition – while using the occasion as just another political rally; another chance to gain relevance in Nigeria’s political arena.

It is interesting to note that the said organizer of the event, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, the leader of MASSOB, has yet to visit Ezeigbo in London or send a delegation to visit him.



  1. It beats my imagination that even in this modern age of civilization and investigative journalism, you still practice mushroom political rumor mongering infested by incredible speculations.

    Ezeigbo is our father and should be treated with the highest respect that any one of us would accord our parents.

    In a time like this, instead of praying for Ezeigbo and his family, non-reasonables like you have been preoccupied in spreading falacious rumors, short of blind idoysencracies, and lack of ordinary common sense. As journalists, the code of ethics stipulates that the baseline to your publications should always be foundationed on the concrete of truth and unbiased journalism. As hard as it might be for me to phantom why all these gossips about a great man who changed the lives of many of us, I recognize that some might have or share different opinions, but the fact remains that you don’t fight a man when he is down.

    Eze Igbo, Ikemba Ojukwu is blessed by one of the best woman on the face of the earth (Queen Mrs. Binca Onoh Ojukwu). Since she married EzeIgbo, she has not only has demonstrated her uncondtional love for he husband, children and entire family, but has unequivocally committed herself in taking care of Ezeigbo and their children.

    It takes committment and dedication to be able to manage unforeseen circumstances Mrs. Ojukwu had found her self in this critical time. She has for God sake proven her self beyond reasonable doubts that irrespective of what you say, she will for ever preserve, protect and preserve the interest of her family.

    At least, the best you could do is to say prayer for Ezeigbo and his family.

  2. I am sick of these children of Ikemba. For goodness sake when will they grow up and stop trashing their father and his wife on the internet? 247, they are making you lose credibility because it is clear that you are their only source of selling their complaints.
    Please, they should grow up and show appreciation for those who are caring for their father, especially his wife and the governor.
    And by the way, are they saying that Ikemba will never get welll enough to leave hospital for a nursing home? We are tired of these ungrateful children and 247 we are tired of your stories about Ikemba to get us to your website. You are idiots.

  3. I want to flog these children of Ikemba. What action have they taken for their father since the great man fell sick? Is it not Emeka jr.the thief and Sylvester the illegitimate son that took their father to court to take his property from his wife earlier this year? Is it not Lotanna his half-brother (who we are not sure is Sir Louis’ biological child) who tried to invade Queen’s drive and MASSOB chased him over the fence? These so called relations of Ikemba are USELESS.
    I am appealing to the Igwe Nnewi to call them and warn them. Even better, Nnewi age-grade should deal with them. They are disgracing all Igbo people and we are tired of the.

  4. I want to thank chief Ralph Uwazuruike for remembering our great Ikemba while he is still alive. He isn’t like all the other people (his family) who are waiting for him to die to collect money from people. He has spent his money to celebrate our great Ikemba while he is lives and has brought Igbo leaders together to honour a living person. Kudos to Chief Uwazuruike. And kudos to his wife who has bravely marched on and has refused to descend to the low level of Ikemba’s family. She has not said one word to them on the internet or the press. That is a very classy lady. Like the queen she is, she does not need to enter the gutter with these greedy relations who want the Governor and Ndigbo to give them money.

  5. This is pure trash. Ojukwu does not deserve this kind of disrespect and dirtying from his relations and we are very disappointed in the way that his family has continued to attack his wife since Ojukwu fell sick. Igbo people in America believe that it is pure envy that is making them to dirty their fathers name just to try to destroy his wife. But God has disgraced them because she is from a good home herself and does not need to join issues with them in the internet. My advise to these relations is that they should learn fromthe Yaradua family who did not say anything all the time the late president was in hospital. Bianca has been a good wife to our Ikemba and all the rubbish the senior children have been spreading on the internet cannot change it.

  6. So it is now the family of Onoh taking care of Ojukwu. It is too bad. a great man like Ojukwu does not have family to call his own and have to rely on Onohs family for his care. Shame on them. it is too bad of them. and i am equally tired of them always complaining. what are they doing for their Ojukwu if not to post his picture onthe internet and abuse his wife and try to take Ojukwu to court for property. the time has past for this nonsense. nigerians can no longer have sympathy for them because it is clear it is jealousy one eye don catch them.

  7. Very poorly written story. The name “Ezeigbo” was used 37 times, which makes one wonder if the writer does not make use of pronouns. Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu is hardly known by Ezeigbo (which is a very common title that many people of Igbo extraction who are in the Diaspora use to assert themselves and show off); there’s no better and more well-known name he could be referred by, than OJUKWU. At a point, the story lost every meaning and relevance. One of the most difficult one minute I have ever spent.

    That said, if Bianca doesn’t know what do with Ojukwu or how to manage his care, she should say so and hands off.

  8. 247 on monday this weeek you said that Ojukwu had made fantastic recovery ‘according to close family members’ and the problem was the road to his house in Nnewi. Where is this new serious infection coming from? Can you people not even make your source who we all know is Emeka junior to stick to one story? Today their father is well but they want Julius Berger to build the road to his house, tomorrow, he is sick and his wife wants to put him in nursing home. next tomorrow he will be crying that peter obi has not given money to his relations to buy private jet. When will they do anything for their father instead of always crying for more? They are too greedy. Emeka should use the money he stole from Anambra govt (about 130 million naira) to help his father if he does not like the way Peter obi and Bianca are looking after him. After all he is over 50 years old and by this time, his father had led Biafra war and left a legacy forever.

  9. 247 are you people still waiting for Bianca to pay you? It can never happen. All your rubbish is like you tried to blackmail ekwunife and she arrested you. You people are too cheap and you only write rubbish about bianca because that is only time peopl come to your site and you want her to pay you to remove it like the other people. sorry for you. it has failed. Ojukwu is ikemba and bianca is queen. nothing you write can change it.

  10. Emeka, who are you to call Uwazuruike an upstart? When you say Uwazuruike every1 know who you are talking about but please who are you? Show your face and we will know what you achieve wit your nonsense life. Uwazuruike is a hero and you are too full of jealosy, like petty market woman. Pray for Ojukwu and let that be your own work for today. Mumu


  12. It is sad that all this information is on the internet. Please let me caution everybody to stop. Ikemba is our father and we have to respect him. I appeal to his children to stop using the internet from today. It is not right. And I urge the son to settle with his woman in America before it is too late. I don’t like the way this is going and she sound like she is very angry. Let us stop now because she can release too much information which will damage the name of Ojukwu everywhere.

    • Observer, Secret, Praise = are the same person. Using the IPS address of – it only fair. And Kanayo, Mrs Joy Egudi [Maryland USA], Hon. Peter M., and Ogbunigwe are the same person using the IPS address of


  14. This family is figting too much for nigeria and it s the time for peace and for the imaginatin of the elders to make peace so that the name of ojukwu is not mess up for ever. i wnt to tell all the whole family of ojukwu that is God who is not mock and they must turn to God and repent and pray and God wil forgive them of the sin they hve done and the peace will come to them.
    many peopl wil not understan that the end is here and in d time of the end pepple will love himself more than mother and fathers and will seek money more than God and the Bible say God is not mock and nobody can do anything because God is on d trone and is not mock and will show power to d nation in the end of time . All of d family must come and pray and fast and take 28 days prayer and fasting for cure of the father ojukwu for peace and they must not drink allkohhol or wisky or wine becos of fasting and prayer for 28 days and the men must not touch woman for 28 days to pray and fast for cure snd peace in ojukwu family and nigeria will have peace and boko haram will vannich and peace will be in nigeria and ojukwu family becoz all is vanitty in this life and ojukwu name is good name and must be presav from dirty in the world and is good for his son and wife and children and family to pray and fast for peace becoz of peace is good in the world and the imaginatin of the elders must make peace for ojukwu and no allkohhol for 28 days for every body in ojukwu house for peace

  15. 247 I am using internet cafe with many young men. I am not your secret or your praise singer. I just want to caution everybody to stop and respect Ikemba. Full stop.

    • Shut up there! How many ppl you know still use internet cafe for all of them to, within the space of a short time, respond to this one article??? Even gatemen in Nigeria have blackberry phones with internet access but now you want us to believe you are in internet cafe with many young men! You have been exposed!! None of us here are fools.

  16. ureport u are joking becuase whatever u want to say you peopl are cheap blackmailer. you want cheap publicitey and u want bianca to pay you. you cannot stop me to speak the truth about you people. Ikemba will come home. sorry for you.

  17. Anyone who knows Ojukwu’s children know that they are all about privacy. There is too much naivite going on here. It is not everything you read that is attributed to them that is truly attributatble to them. Anyone who knows Ojukwu’s children knows that the description given of them by the so called “Secret” is completely and utterly false. One thing I can bet on is that the ones that I know will NEVER EVER stoop to respond or otherwise engage the idiots writing all this stuff and that is why they are doing it. You people writing all this negativity are beneath contempt. You can never talk to them to their face so instead you are here gassing. May the Good Lord apportion to you what you have dealt out and more.

  18. I never take these articles seriously but I do like reading them. Clearly someone has been hurt by this particular one though; judging by the bitter and nasty personal comments being made. They have no relevance to what the article is about and I am beginning to think there must be some truth in what the journalist is saying. I mean, why are people placing multiple comments under different names to defend their point of view??? Are you all being paid?

    Ojukwu’s children and supporters, I beg you, do not respond. Enough is enough! The calibre of responses here already speaks volumes about your enemies.

    Ojukwu is a legend and a great man. Very few people, including his children, his in-laws, or the average Nigerian citizen have achieved what he has! May the honest ones fighting for the best treatment for this man succeed!

  19. Modupe and Chike are the same person and it is clear that it is a woman with personal interest in Ojukwu children or maybe she is Ojukwu child herself because it does not make sense that 247 ureport will be changing the position of this modupe to match what other people have said about this thing. check the time of modupe and you will see it is true and what is the need to abuse the man from internet cafe who is preaching peace to the family. it is not making any sense to me at all. and i want to know what is personal interest of 247ureport to be helping this modupe and writing peoples ip address and how can we be sure that it is even true especially now that it is clear that 247 ureport is bias. but what i want to know is why this is happening now and i agree that since i know this place everything about Ojukwu that you write is negative and especially about his wife who is not answering you and i want to know why you are reporting about another person like pointblank when you are arrested for uche ekwunife painting black blackmail too. is it not pot calling kettle black? and by the way how can we be sure that it is not 247 ureport that is creating all this messages that is flying around so that nigerians will continue to come here because only this ojukwu is getting comment from people on this website and i think it is because 247 ureport is writing all of this to make people come and find out what is happening in ojukwu family and it is even not true because it was not this story that we saw last week and last week ojukwu was very well. i have said my own and i want to join everybody to tell you to stop what you are saying about ojukwu and to respect him and if is his children that is writing it should stop because one of his childre post picture of his coma father in the internet and people condem it everywhere.

  20. i want to join people to tell the world that yaradua was not shown in picture on the internet and his family have not gave any interview so who are the people supplying all this story to 247ureport? how can we be sure that any of this is true? there is something that is not making sense and by the way if the message is from blackberry it will say so at the end of the message from blackberry and what is point of this thing because you say his wife has give up but you say she is taking ojukwu to nursing home so how is that to give up on her husband? please you people should tell us what you want. i am also tired and from now on i will not write comment again because i have joined in making you people important at 247ureport.

  21. you people are very terrible people. where is the writeup of secret? i have said that you are bias and now you have confirm it by this your taking it away but i remember what she said so i want to know how to do this gastric operation that make his son slim before he become fat again because i think i want to help somebody do it so she can be slim like before she was fat and is it cost?

  22. Clearly there is a reason why this Emeka Jr and his younger illegitimate or step brother Sylvester are speaking out in public, but I do not agree with all this public fighting. I do not believe it is just about money either. It is clear that there is no unity in the family and they feel that they are not being listened to, but stop it please, enough.

    If the issue is about Ezeigbo going to a hospital and not a nursing home, then what is wrong with Bianca or any of the children wanting him in a hospital, because they feel it will be better for him?

    It cannot be easy for Bianca. Marrying into a big family name with older children and trying to do her best at a time of crisis like this. But you do not marry a controversial figure old enough to be your father and expect us to believe you are a saint. Like in every fight, there is two sides to the story and the truth lies somewhere between them. Bianca is at fault and so are the children, I am sure.

    Whether the children have money or not, as a good wife of their father, and the mother of their half brothers and sisters, Bianca should be encouraging and backing the older ones to take a central role. After all, we are Africans, the oldest son presides for the father when he cannot. She too herself did not make the Ojukwu name. She married into into the name and beauty queen or no beauty queen, you cannot compare Ojukwu with Onoh.

    1)The elders of the family should be knocking their heads together to bring peace in the family.

    2)The sister Lilian, if this is all true, should go and take care of her own children and husband.

    3)Every side should be heard out.

    4)Our politicians should not be meddling and making the situation worse, by siding with the children or with Bianca, or side-lining the children or Bianca. They should be encouraging unity. We have a culture and a way of doing things as a family.

    5)Governor Peter Obi has a big role to play and if I were him, no decisions would be taken about Ezeigbo without the consent of Bianca and the older children. The oldest son involvement is important and he should be the spokesman for the family, speaking on the behalf of Bianca and the rest of the family. Governor Peter Obi needs to talk to all of them frankly and be honest in his intentions. If not all this rubbish will carry on.

    Unity in Ezeigbo’s family will bring joy in the Igbo nation, because if they speak with one voice, Ezeigbo will definitely get the best care possible and he deserves it as our legend.

  23. Na wah o! What has most of these comments about the children got to do with the article? All I am interested in is that Ezeigbo is taken good care of. If a hospital is better than a care home, and it usually is, then he should be in a hospital. We have not heard the great man’s voice in a long time, so it he must be very unwell. So, if the children are pushing for a better place for him, I agree with them. If na my father, I go do the same! Governor Peter Obi, it is not like you have spent the money on Anambra State. Spend some of it on our great leader who put you there. As for the children or Bianca and co being greedy, I am sure Peter Obi knows how to deal with the hospital direct. He is not stupid, especially with money.

  24. I am only myself and nobody else here. Yes, I do have interest. Who does not in here? I know the family. I have never and will never deny it! I do not know any person in 247 reports. I am on the side of truth so anytime I see a lie and am chanced to correct it, I will correct it. Question is best care versus negligent care that is what the article is talking about. Everything else is a diversion tactic. Let us focus on that.

  25. Yes, what happened to Secret??? Has she dissolved in holy water, or did she go up in smoke under God’s light of day?? Are you guys at Ureports trying to smarten up your image, by removing such comments? Did junior Ojukwu not resign as Commissioner, or am I thinking of another son? Too many questions indeed. Anyway, it was all irrelevant,wicked and backward-thinking what Secret said. In fact, it was so personal, I thought it was Bianca writing it herself, but Ojukwu’s wife is above that. Don’t mess with my beautiful B! As for her sister, is she another beauty? Secret, whoever you are, forget your past loves, it is their loss and my gain, if you can give me the chance. You need a man in your life and I am single and ready for your challenge! What you said was just toooo bitter for you to be an outsider! The article must have rubbed a very raw nerve in you, but I am a great lover. I can help you forget and together we can romance your bitterness away, if you give me a chance.
    Long Live Ojukwu!
    Best treatment for him is what a true Igbo man or woman wants!
    If our leaders cannot or are not willing to give him the best… Then God help the rest of us.

  26. Consider this:

    Perhaps not enough has been said. Perhaps too much has been said. But, I believe that men can only sew that which has been left for them to reap.

    However, forgiveness can free us from the shackles of hatred, so let us pray for unity in the family, and the healing of old and new wounds, as well as the learning of a multitude of lessons. Amen

  27. As far as I’m concern Ojukwo did not archive anything for Igbos, Peter Obi is one his boy. Pray for God to heal his sick that’s all…

  28. I think this article has out lived its usefulness! pls Emeka Ojukwu jnr, instruct your attack dog (247ureports.com) to take this off the net. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!! BIG FOOLS!!!!!!

    • I have told you, it is you who is the big fool who has refused to find maturity and common sense. If you have any sense you will not comment on matters on which you are not versed. What makes you think 247 reports biased? I know who is behind all negative comments about the Ojukws (snr, jnr and family including the wife Bianca) – she lives in london. I know her. A bitter, double faced thing jealous of all including her own sister. If this article has outlived its usefulness why are you still reading and commenting? Leave well alone the truth has a way of surfacing. After all did they not claim Ojukwu was going to gym and shall be back home soon??


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