No September Salaries For Striking Workers – Gov Chime


The labor mass action in Enugu State against the pressure to implement the minimum wage act may have robed the Governor of the State in a manner that has got him unrepentently annoyed over the mass action strike instituted by the labor leaders. This is as gathered that the Governor, Mr. Sullivan Chime has vowed not to release the September salaries to the workers who participated in the said strike in September.

As gathered, the governor made the vow following a ruling by the Industrial labor court instructing both labor leaders and the state government to return to the negotiating table – and to reach a definitive resolution in 28days. The governor’s hard stance over the labor dispute has taken the labor leaders and the civil servants of Enugu aback – particularly since the parties have yet to begin negotiations.

Gov Chime’s refusal to pay striking workers their September salaries will affect the entire civil servants who did not sign-in to work during the strike. And as gathered, the entirety of Enugu civil servants were on strike during the said month.  

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  1. It is a pity Enugu state is passing thro’ this ugly situation. No wonder this saying- “Not all that glitters is gold”. The purported refusal by the governor to pay striking workers their september salary is a clear indication that all allegations against him could be true. How can ordained bishops in this state, who naturally are older and more matured in everything, intervene in the strike action only to be disgraced by the ungrateful governor who cannot assimilate the definition of democracy to be- government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A deviation from the rule of law should be welcomed by ouster from office thro’ due process. Enugu state is tired of mischievious and tyrant leaders in the capacity of governors. The church stands for the truth and nothing but the truth. Our bishops should mobilise their faithfuls to counter injustice. Governor Sullivan Chime should learn from the mistakes of some past rulers like Sani Abacha, Saddam Hussein, Moumor Ghaddaffi and a lot more who thought government or power belonged to them alone and they would never leave it. LONG LIVE WAWA PEOPLE, LONG LIVE ENUGU STATE.


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