Rebutting Okey Ndibe’s Article Captioned “Andy Uba, Boko Haram & Electoral Reforms”

By Chief Jimmy Asiegbu ( ) Tel. 310 497-5007

My brother Prof. Okey  Ndibe:
We all know the stuff that you are made of and inasmuch as you are aware of this very fact, you should let us continue to see you from that angle without challenging our thought process with old, repetitive and boring  issues to allow us to continue to read your articles. The way you have continued to pull Anambra selected or elected Representatives down over the years has reached a stage that one has to start asking questions as to why the fixation on just your own folks and not on other lawmakers from other States. Why have you not addressed other or similar Nigerian Representatives in the National Assembly or other governors whose antecedents are equally as bad as those from Anambra State.  Better yet, why are you not addressing other socio-economic pressing issues in Anambra State or Nigeria for that matter. Furthermore, it appears that you just cannot let Senator Andy Uba be. You have written everything that is to be written about the Honorable Senator from Anambra South, Sen. Andy Uba and for you to keep reminding us about your Pull Him Down articles or his past political activities smacks of insult to our senses and memories. Don’t you think that people are being turned off with this style of journalism. Do you want your readers to believe that it is a paid job, and even if it is, do you not realize that you are not making any impact as it has become personal and your target has continued to move forward. If you are doing all these to get his attention, it did not work all these years and it will never work. Before you start thinking otherwise as to why I have decided to react, know it that the Senator is not even aware of your article talk less of being aware of my reaction to it.
If you have met this man in person or have any interaction with him, you will realize that he is a complete gentleman and a very nice person too. You will also realize that he cares for Ndigbo and did a lot for Ndigbo during his services to the former President, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo. If I have to refresh your memories, it was Andy Uba that made sure that Ndigbo occupied prominent positions at the National Level during President Obasanjo’s administration, the only time Ndigbo ever featured in those positions. The Andy Uba we know has criss-crossed every nooks and corner of Anambra State, meeting and discussing problems of every Anambra community. He has also assisted these communities in different ways than any one that I know off. He understands the problems in Anambra State,  Ndigbo and Nigeria better than anyone that I know. He has extensive connections to move our people forward hence he has been struggling relentlessly to be given opportunity to show love to our people and redeem his reputation that people like you have continued to soil. 
In your desperate attempt to pull down and destroy Sen. Andy Uba, you fail to realize that despite your inaccurate perception of him, he attracts many followers and supporters and that he has done many goods to a lot of people in Anambra state and Nigeria as a whole. You also seem not to realize that as you castigate this man, that his relatives, friends, townspeople and supporters are reading and stomaching your wrong portrayal of him. Are you not educated enough not to realize this simple fact of insensitivity? Or do you really think that they will keep allowing you to keep towing this route without reaction at some point?
While it is obvious that you do not like him, and that you oppose his appointment to the Chairmanship of Electoral Reform Committee based on nonsensical reasoning, please realize that Andy Uba  won his election to this current  seat in an election that was adjudged as the best ever in Nigeria. He has also acquired extensive experience and exposure to Nigerian elections and party politics at the highest level; which extensively qualifies him to be the best man for that position. May be you need to study the functions of that Committee before you conclude that he is not fit. A good administrator always recruits the experts in the problem field to manage that field. You will agree with me that the senate President, Senator David Mark is a better manager than you and knows Nigerian politics and elections better than you. This qualifies him to make the choice as to who occupies that position and not you. To insult him like you did was uncalled for.
I have confident that Senator Andy Uba is the most qualified to chair that position. The Committee sole duty is to Reform Elections in Nigeria. Basically to come up with solutions to any manner of election mal practices or malfeasance that will guarantee a free and fair elections in the country. Besides, it is not a personal Committee for Andy Uba to detect what happens, but a Committee to seek and present solutions from all members and from the public which includes you and me. These solutions will now be presented to the Senate and President for approval. Why are you fixated on attacking the Senator unnecessarily? 
You know, there comes a time when Enough is really Enough.  My brother, I think that time has come for you to lay off  Sen.  Andy Uba and other Anambra Representatives. Give them a chance to perform in their respective positions. Irrespective of their qualifications or otherwise, if they fail to perform, then you will have something to critic them on.  Senator Andy Uba came from a zone and those of us from that zone will no longer tolerate unwarranted attacks on those representing us. We cannot let you keep pulling our own down. I am yet to see your counterparts fixated as you seem to be in pulling their own down. The end result of all these is that you are not helping our cause in any way with all these continued reckless character assassination. We know his background and still elected him to represent us and so far, we are satisfied with his performance.
For now, please try to focus on other issues affecting our State, our people and Nigeria; and while at it, put forward some solutions. Nigeria needs a lot of improvement ideas and Ndigbo can benefit from your suggestions.  Just know that your readers are getting turned of with your fixated attacks on Andy Uba with the same old stories over and over. Just know that the Andy Uba’s political destiny will be decided by the electorate and God Almighty;  and definitely NOT by you. Stay well.




  1. Mr Okey Ndibe’s article paints a broader stroke of ominous duplicity in Senator Marks appointment of Mr. Andy Uba to the INEC Chair position than Jimmy saw. The thrust of his article is much broader in terms of the apparent exposure of the country’s electoral reforms to ridicule. Given the plethora of points supporting the non suitability of Mr. Andy Uba to head such a sensitive position, Jimmy failed to discredit the facts. Senator Uba may be a very good man as often attested to by those that have met him, but I feel that he ought to personally reject this shoddy appointment which exposes him to odium and ridicule when framed against his immediate past antecedents. In fact, I feel that Okey’s write up is mostly targeted at David Mark’s latent insult to Andy and Ndigbo than our Jimmy seems to have comprehended. Andy also represents my Senatorial District. We will nonetheless wish the senator well, as this position gives him the challenge and the opportunity now without the brazen directives of OBJ, to showcase his yet to be exposed or acknowledged great leadership qualities. If u need a gang of dare devil robbers to man the club gate, why not send your own best. After all, the line of morality and excellence that separates our Distinguished Senator from the other Committee chair heads could be very thin. Yet Jimmy of our vintage knowledge has attempted to use a hammer to kill a wrong fly.

  2. The Bible said give Honour to who Honour is due.But is not those chose to oversee’s the Electoral Reform dat matters but the question is we it change the state of the NATION.No committe was set up to deal with corruption in the LAND cause by the so called HONOURABLE’S. wik’s said that the problem of Nigeria is not the ECONOMY but LEADERSHIP. if you ask corrupt men and women to mind such a controversial issue what will be the result of it, if mot DOOM.i pity this Nation because of the lack of four site.GOD told HIS prophet that where their no vision the people perish.may GOD help us.


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