MASSOB Leader and His repeated Arrests by Nigeria

Protest in Lagos

Posted: Aug 27 2011 [10:32 am]

The August 24, 2011 arrest of the MASSOB leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike by the Federal Government of Nigeria [FGN]arresting authorities in Enugu at an Igbo Youth Movement Event at the Presidential Hotel marked 46months following the conditional release of the MASSOB leader from Federal Prisons on the slippery charge of treason against Nigeria.

The MASSOB leader has had a percular relationship with the law enforcement officers of Nigeria since the formation of the peaceful movement for the soverign republic of Biafra. Uwazurike, as many freedom activists, have been arrested numerous occassions. Starting from 2000 when the activities of MASSOB began to make waves in the south eastern geo cultural zone, the law enforcement officers have not rested on the mention of Ralph Uwazurike.

May 2000, the MASSOB leader narrowly escaped with his life when unidentified men attacked him in Lagos along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway.

July 2000, the MASSOB leader was arrested in Lome, Togo at the Organization of African Unity [OAU] summit. He was arrest on the charge that he had gone to solicit support from African leader for his peaceful movement.

December 2000, shortly after the MASSOB leader\’s return to Nigeria, uniformed security men ransacked a hotel where he was believed to have been staying, they shot at cars, and fired into the crowd in search for the MASSOB leader.

February 2001, the MASSOB leader was arrested again by Nigerian arresting authorities.

May 2005, the home of the MASSOB leader was invaded by uniformed soldiers against the planned MASSOB rally.

October 2005, the Federal Government of Nigeria arrested the MASSOB leader and charged to court for treason. He was denied bail. He was conditionally released on October 26, 2007 to bury his dead mother.

January 2010, the MASSOB leader was arrested in Owerri and reprimanded in police custody for 7days.

August 2011, he was arrested in Enugu following his attendance of an award event.



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