Gang Rape: Abia Gov’t undermining investigation, suspects flee


Information available to from sources close to the activities in the Abia State government indicates that persons within the Abia State government appears to be undermining the investigation to nab the already identified rape suspects in the persons of Ifeanyi Ogu Justin [new but unverified information indicate that Ifeanyi Ogu Justin may not be among the suspected rapist] , Zaki and Jonah Uche and the remaining two who are yet to be identified.

The source states that top personalities in the Abia State government are determined to prove that the rape did not happen in Abia State – and are willing to go to any extent to “save face”. The source notes that the personalities are fully aware of the identities and whereabouts of the 5 males who raped the girl in the video that has widely circulated the internet since the upload date of August 17, 2011.

The State government of Abia who had previously gave a blanket denial that the rape did not occur at the University in Uturu told yesterday that they made the statement based on the information it received from the Vice Chancellor of Abia State University, Prof Ogbuagu, the DPO covering the area, the head of the Student Union. But our source [who is also an official of the State government] refutes the government position statement – citing that the statements from the DPO, the Vice Chancellor and the Student Union were sanctioned by the State Government and not the other way around. The source stated that the statements of the three bodies were drafted by the Abia State Information Commissioner and the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor.

The source continues to add that the State Government was also aware of the true identity and whereabouts of the young victim [girl] prior to the revelation of the identities of the rape suspects. The source hinted that the top persons in Gov. Orji’s cabinet were making settlement moves toward the family of the victim prior to the revelation. is uncertain if the Governor is aware of ongoing attempt to undermine the hunt to fish out the already identified suspects but it is certain [through our highly credible source] that the administration as a whole has chosen an alternate route to resolving the Abia State University gang rape. 

The source notes that it has become more complicated for the State government following the National Assembly’s order to fish out the suspects and to report back to them. He adds also that since the location of where the rape took place has been uncovered as “Maranatha Lodge”, [an off campus hostel] – that the troubled persons in Orji’s cabinet has ratcheted up their attempts to keep the victim “quiet”. Our source highly suspects that the victim may have been settled by the Orji government – and that the suspects may have been “allowed” to relocate to a safe hiding place. reached out to the Chief Press Secretary to Governor T. A. Orji, Bonny Iwuoha, regarding the efforts of the Abia State government regarding fishing out the already identified suspects, he stated that he had been in Abuja and was on his way to Benin for a meeting – that he has no information regarding the suspects – and that the government is not commenting on the matter.



  1. I know that the Abia government will personally send out his killers to eliminate the poor girl, so that he will save his face. But i pray that his daughters and wife will fall in the hands of rapist and they won’t be alive to tell the story. The name of the victime is NNEOMA..The boys are the real rapist. I was a victime in there hands 2008.

  2. Lets keep our mind open and wait for a proper and thorough investigation before taking sides. Supposing the names mentioned in the so called video were not the real names of the boys; supposing the so called video was staged (i.e. acted and not real life); supposing the so called crime did not take place in Abia state but the video was popularised there; and this goes on… Please let us exercise some caution before we end up crucifying the innocent. The identity of the girl raped will be the key to resolving this case.

  3. I hope they set a great example with these boys. This common occurance in our universities must come to an end! No ones mother, daughter, sister, cousin or friend should ever experienced what this girl went through. God is good…all the time. Justice will be served for this young woman and for all other victims!!!

  4. As long as the institution of the law can protect people in power and, the policing instrument is not constitutionally functioning, innocent souls like this victim will forever languish and the law will ever remain agaist them due to legal comlications infused in our laws, especially the evidence act and other intricacies of justice. We must unite against evils and the evil doers in our mist without recourse to any socio cultural sesgmentation. We are one with commom destiny.


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