Ekiti Group Slams Fayemi Over Claim on Salami


The Ekiti Justice Group (EJG) has described claim by the State
Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi that he has never set his eyes on the
suspended President Court of Appeal (CPA), Justice Isa Ayo Salami as a
lie from the pit of hell, saying; “By that statement, Fayemi has again
demonstrated that he is a pathological liar, who has lived on lies
even before he became the governor of Ekiti State.”
The group said only a fool would be persuaded by the governor’s claim,
asking whether the governor covered his eyes when Justice Salami
visited Ado-Ekiti in January, this year to inspect the Appeal Court
building project.
In a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti today by the EJG Coordinator, Dr.
Tunji Oluwasanmi, the group said no amount of lies can remove the fact
that the judgment that brought Fayemi to power was manipulated with
Justice Salami as the principal actor.
The statement read; “We felt obliged to react to a newspaper interview
granted by Governor Fayemi in which he said that he has never seen
Justice Salami in his entire life.
“Even though the issue of Fayemi and his other Action Congress of
Nigeria (ACN) judgments buyers unholy relationship with Justice Salami
has gone beyond either Fayemi has met Salami or not, it is important
to put a lie to the governor’s claim.
“It is on record that Justice Salami was in Ado-Ekiti this year
January under the guise of inspecting the Appeal Court project in the
State capital. He was Fayemi’s guest at the government house where
they met secretly.
“This unholy meeting between Fayemi and Justice Salami was reported in
the media, with a group, the Society for Rule of Law in Nigeria
(SRLN), calling on Salami to resign. The report was caption; ‘Group
wants appeal court president to resign’ and can still be found on the
“Then, Fayemi never denied meeting with Salami as reported. So why is
he lying now? Is it for fear of the imminent collapse of the house of
fraud built for him by Salami?
“Again, what happened to Lekan Faromika, Fayemi’s aide who was a
regular caller of Salami’s friend, Tunji Ijaya while the Ekiti State
appeal case was going on?”


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