Gov Bala’s castigators are enemies of Nigeria – Bibi Dogo

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From Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi
A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP Malla Bibi Dogo has explained that Bauchi State Governor  Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed castigators for speaking the truth are enemies of Nigeria.Bibi Dogo stated this today when he addressed Journalists in Bauchi, He said “Bala’s castigators are people who didn’t love this country, who didn’t care about the unity of this country, who didn’t care about how fellow human beings were maimed and killed,”  PDP stalwart said Governor as a leader and stake holders who was elected by his people and he sworn in to protect the constitution of Nigeria has spoken the true situations and happenings  in the country in order to caution self centered leaders and Nigerians on the need to promote peace understanding and unity.He explained that the Governor Bala  spoken the truth about the issues at hand and cautioned the reckless  actions of some state Governors that threatens the Unity of Nigeria.You would recalled that Governor Mohammed explanations on some state Governors to stop criminalizing one ethnic group instead they should name suspect by the offence he committed and the reason why Fulani carry arms is for self-defense, His statement was criticized by people from the Southern part of the country and the Governors of Ondo and Benue State. Bibi Dogo said its true that Governor Ortorm started the preaching of hatred and violations of fundamental human rights of Nigerians that give them the right to move and stay in any place of their choice in the country by creating anti open grazing laws, and the recent ultimatum given to Fulani herds men to live Ondo state is a clear violation of Fulani but the critics of Bauchi Governor keep quiet when the governors were making their utterances.He said if Falana and other critics really has the interest on the unity of the country they should first condemn the actions of governors of Benue and Ondo States, “recently there is problems that occurred in Ibadan Oyo state capital which also threatens the unity of the country but the critics if Bala didnt say anything.
Bibi Dogo  said our  country is in a desperate need of competent, transparent, detribalised and  resourceful leader with democratic credentials to move the nation forward like Governor  Bala Mohammed who always speaks the truth no matter how bitter it is in the best interest of the country.He said: “Bala’s doggedness and ability to fix the numerous challenges confronting the nation was seen in his outstanding and impeccable performance as the FCT Minister for six consecutive years, which is yet to be surpassed till date years after he left office, and a man of integrity with this track record will not support crime and criminality but he can advised and said the truth no matter how bitter it is.”



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