Emeka Ihedioha’s Green Cap Of Electoral Frauds In Imo State – By Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

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Within The Last 72 Hours Of The Illegal, Unconstitutional, Criminal
And Indeed Clannish Declaration Of Chief Emeka Ihedioha Of The Peoples
Democratic Party, PDP, As The Winner Of The Governorship Contest In
Imo State, More Facts Have Continued To Pour In On Why And How The
Plot Was Executed.
One Had Expected A Definite And Decisive Statement From The
Independent Electoral Commission, INEC. Rather, What We Have Witnessed
Is A Cold And Loud Silence From The Commission. The Illegality Of
Emeka Ihedioha’s Declaration As ” Governor-Elect” Is Not An Electoral
Tribunal Matter, But A Constitutional Issue Which Only INEC Can
The INEC Chairman Should Without Further Delay Declare The Action Of
The Imo State Resident Electoral Commissioner Illegal, And Even Call
For His Immediate Arrest And Prosecution; After all, The Electoral
Officer In Ohaji/Egbema LGA Was Arrested On The Orders Of The Same
Resident Electoral Commissioner, When It Was Observed That An
Illegality Was Allegedly Committed.
For The Avoidance Of Doubt, Let Me Recap What Have Been Exposed In The
Last 72 Hours Of The Illegal, Unconstitutional, Criminal And Clannish
Declaration Of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha As “Governor-Elect” In Imo State.
1. Emeka Ihedioha Nominated His Blood Relative, Gerald Irona, As His
Running Mate. Emeka Ihedioha’s Mother And Gerald Irona’s Mother Are
Reportedly Blood Sisters.
2. Emeka Ihedioha Did Not Make The Constitutional Requirement Of 25
Percent Of Votes In 2/3 Majority Of Votes Cast In The Governorship
Election In The State.
3. The Returning Officer For Ezinihitte Mbaise LGA Where Massive
Rigging Occurred Is From That Local Government Area And Reportedly
Related To Emeka Ihedioha’s Wife.
4. The Returning Officer For Ahiazu Mbaise LGA Where Another Massive
Rigging Occurred Is From That Local Government Area And Reportedly
Related To Emeka Ihedioha’s Political Strategist And Adviser,
Professor Mrs Viola Onwuliri.
5 . The Returning Officer For Aboh Mbaise LGA Where The Biggest
Electoral Fraud Was Committed, Is From That Local Government Area And
A Very Close Relative Of Emeka Ihedioha Himself.
In A Bid To Cover Up The Electoral Fraud, Emeka Ihedioha Concorted A
So-called Congratulatory Message (Letter), Purporting It To Have Come
From The Real Winner Of The Governorship Election, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.
The Monumental Frauds And Rigging That Took Place In The Three Mbaise
Local Government Areas Which Gave Emeka Ihedioha About 42 Percent Of
His Assumed Total Votes Is A Clear Indication That He Did Not Win Any
Election. How Then Will He Convince And Explain To Anybody That The
Remaining 24 Local Government Areas In The State Gave Him 58 Percent
Aware That Emeka Ihedioha Did Not Meet The Constitutional Requirement
To Be Declared Winner, Despite The Massive Rigging, The Resident
Electoral Commissioner In The State, In A Bid To Cover His Nakedness,
Went Ahead To Do The Unimaginable And Unthinkable. Ordinarily, He
Should Have Called For A Run-Off Between The PDP (Rt Hon Emeka
Ihedioha) And The Action Alliance, AA,
As Represented By Ugwumba Uche Nwosu.
The Desperation Theory Of The Imo State Resident Electoral
Commissioner Is For Emeka Ihedioha To Be Declared Winner And Sworn-In
First, Then A Run-Off Can Be Called For, When He Must Have Assumed
Full Powers As Governor. But Tufiakwa OOOOO.
The People Of Imo State, Nigeria And Indeed The Global Community Have
Clearly Seen The Desperation Of Chief Emeka Ihedioha To Grab Power In
The State By All Unconstitutional, And Clannish Means. One Can
Therefore Understand Why And How Emeka Ihedioha Was Accused Of
Emerging Governorship Candidate In 2015 And 2019 By His Fellow PDP
Aspirants Through Rigging, Votes Padding And Inflated Votes. Also, One
Can Understand Why This Same Emeka Ihedioha Was Accused Of Emerging
House Of Representatives Candidate (For PDP, Aboh Mbaise/ Ngor-Okpala
Federal Constituency) In 2003, 2007 And 2011 By His Fellow PDP
Aspirants Through Massive Rigging Of Votes…..
The Exit Route, Therefore, Out Of This Electoral And Political Impasse
In The State Are As Follows—–
1. INEC Should Cancel The Votes From The Three Mbaise Local Government
Areas That Was Characterized By Humongous Rigging, And Then Declare
Ugwumba Uche Nwosu Of The Action Alliance , AA, The Clear Winner ,With
Genuine Votes, Of The Election.
2. Or, INEC Should Call For A Run-Off Between Emeka Ihedioha Of PDP
And Uche Nwosu Of AA.
3. Or, For Committing Electoral Fraud, Emeka Ihedioha Should Be
Disqualified, And Uche Nwosu Declared The Authentic Winner Of The
Governorship Election In Imo State..
INEC Now Has The Utmost Responsibility To Do The Needful. After All,
The Same INEC Has On Many Occasion Reversed Some Of Its Faulty
Declarations. For Example, INEC Has Declared As Illegal, The Criminal
And Unconstitutional Declaration Of One Benjamin Chukwuemeka Uwajumogu
Of The APC (By The Returning Officer For Okigwe Zone) As The Winner Of
The Senate Election.

The Ball Is Now In INEC’s Court.

I Rest My Pen


Hon Citizen Dr Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI, MKDA

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