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State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Plateau State
“Happy or fortunate and to be envied are you, O Land, when your king or leader is a free man and of a noble birth and character, and also happy are you when your leaders feast at the proper time for wisdom and strength not for power drunkenness. “
This saying is noteworthy: If anyone aspires to the office of leadership, he pursues a noble task. He must be above reproach.
Going by this saying, I believe that leadership gives shape and form to any society because the blessings of a nation or a people is tied to the quality of leaders she has. It is said, “Happy and fortunate and to be envied is the land when her leaders are men and women of noble character.”
When Governor Lalong was campaigning to become Governor of Plateau state in 2015, he gained qualified support of our  elders, community and religious leaders through what was tagged ‘PLATEAU PROJECT’. He promised to end tribalism, nepotism and to also promptly respond to the plight of our people through people’s friendly policies as well as fully implementing the N18,000 monthly minimum wage to our civil servants.
But as events have proven after election and assumption of office, Lalong has been on rhetorics and has displayed grave incompetence on policies and service delivery.
 Under Lalong’s leadership, Plateau State has been swimming along a negative direction, where it has lost its dignity and heritage values. The gale of killings, destruction of properties and farm lands owned by natives within the three and half years of this administration have caused serious damage and set back to our communities across the state.
More embarrassing is the Governor’s insensitivity and show of shame towards the good people of Plateau in the discharge of his responsibility as a leader. It would appear Governor Lalong is  not free from  personal depravity; he appears to be a man who is a prisoner of his own conscience. And this explains why he lacks the will and capacity to defend righteousness among the people he is governing.
There is this saying, “Habits of life that reduce a man’s personal competence do not enhance a man in leadership.” The impliciation of this statement is that a leader must be free from personal depravity; he must not be a moral disgrace to himself and the office he holds as the case is today with Governor Lalong. He has not proven himself as one with integrity.
Today, it is unfortunate that after gaining weight and qualified support at the 2015 general elections, our dear governor has chosen to exhibit a deep sense of ill will towards the same people that supported him, accusing them as those compounding the crises in the state by hiding criminals And yet our children, womenand other loved ones are being slaughtered in their homes with no single efforts on the part of government to arrest those perpetrating this dastartly acts.
Our leader chose to expose his incompetence in the public, seeking to impress his ‘Oga at the top’ before the State House press after meeting with Mr. President on Tuesday, 6th November, 2018 at Presidential Villa.
While his leadership is reeling under the barrage of accusations of being against his own people and religious leaders is as good as a leader is against his own people, he chose to remain silent.
Today Governor Lalong and the APC are charitably gasping for breath on how to return to office after May 29, 2019 with no end in sight to their multiplicity of incompetence, mismanagement and convulsions of corruption, which was aptly captured by him at the one-day interface on urban upgrade in Jos on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, where he scored his administration low as a result of infighting amongst his commissioners.
We dare ask Governor Lalong to, please, explain to Plateau people how he fruadulently purchased his official vehicles in his first first month in office spending whooping N2 billion.
So many people have questioned the wast of N1.2 billion on tracking those cars.
Thirdly, he should tell us how he has managed or spent the N1.7 billion ecological funds meant for the development of our state from 2015 to 2017.
Fourthly, I am aware N12 billion was approved and released to the state by the Federal Government as part-payment for the federal roads constructed by PDP under Senator Jang.
Lastly, N13 billion Paris club refund that was recently paid into the State Government account as the third trench of the refund is yet to be fully accounted for.
These are just a tips of the iceberg regarding accruals to the State under Along as loans, baill-out funds aside of the state statutory allocations from 2015 to date. More details will be published as we make progress to restore the Plateau heritage
The PDP, as it is today, stands as the only viable option that represents the true identity of Plateau people.
Plateau needs a leader that is a model, one who can efficiently and effectively govern our state instead of becoming victims and refugees in our own land. We need a true leader that can comprehend his identity by relating to his source. We need a man of experience and knowledge of public governance.
Restoring the lost Plateau glory is a collective task. I enjoin all well-meaning individuals to be part of the new and great 2019 Restoration Movement under the
J. T. Useni/James Dalok ticket.