Trouble Inside Presidency As Corrupt TETFund Boss Moves To Remove Ganduje

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The buildup to the 2019 general elections may prove to become an ill feted cantankerous affair. This is judging by recent developments within the All Progressive Congress [APC] and the President Mohammadu Buhari led presidency.

Information available to obtained through competent sources revealed that the Executive Secretary [ES] of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund [TETFund], Alhaji Bichi Bappa has turned up the agitation against the Governor of Kano State, Dr. Ganduje and the APC machinery in the State – to effect the removal of the State Governor – and the denial of the State Governor from contesting for reelection. Alhaji Bappa promises to draw the APC to the gutter should the APC fail to deny Governor Ganduje the opportunity to contest for reelection.

Available information indicates the TETFund boss developed sudden interest to become the governor of Kano State since his appointment as the head of the lucrative TETFund. Prior to becoming the TETFund boss, sources from the Federal Ministry of Education explained that Bichi Bappa was financially unstabled. “He was a hangers-on at the ministry then begging for small contracts. He had no money. He drove a very old Honda car.”

With a few years at the top of affairs at the TETFund, Alhaji Bappa became an overnight billionaire. Instantly he became one of the major/principal sponsors of most APC events including the APC national convention. He pledged to donate N5billion to the APC national coffers – should he be allowed to bump off the Governor of Kano State from contesting for reelection in 2019.

Beyond making the N5billion pledge, Bappa took his agitation to the presidency armed with cash inducements. Our source points to the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, the acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC], Ibrahim Magu, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation [SGF], Boss Mustapha, Federal Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu – as the presidential aides the TETFund boss reached out to with significant financial inducements. His aim is to get the presidency to withdraw the gubernatorial APC ticket from Governor Ganduje and to give it to him [Bappa]. is not certain the extent the inducements worked in getting the President to act but what is certain is the relationship between the Governor of Kano State and the President. The relationship remains intact and the confidence level remain stable. This is according to an aide to the President.

Bichi Bappa’s unexplained sudden wealth remains a point of quandary for many within the presidency who had known the financial background of Bichi Bappa prior to becoming the TETFund boss.

In one of the many reports published by, “Buhari’s Aides Are Looting Nigerian Treasury To Fund 2019 Presidential Campaign”, it narrates the corrupt activities of the TEFund boss in collusion with aides and appointees of the president. It reads:

Alhaji Bichi Bappa who hails from Kano State but wields mighty influence within the presidency. Through his influence, Bappa managed to cast a web of control across the entire contract award process involving all TETFund funded contracts. This he managed to achieve through collusion with the boss of Bureau of Public Procurement [BPP], Mamman Ahmadu who gave a complete rubber stamp to the entire contract award process. The BPP boss threw due process out the window – he gave the TETFund boss special noncompetitive contract award clauses to enable the TETFund boss to award contracts to his choice contractors – who are often his relatives.

With unrivaled boldness, the TETFund instituted a 20% deduction from all TETFund contracts. The 20% deduction, Bappa openly indicated was for ‘stakeholders’, unnamed ‘stakeholders’. Only institutions and contractors who agreed to the 20% deduction are awarded contracts.

In 2017, President Buhari, approved the sum of ₦213,418,124,493.75 [N213billion] for the TETFund 2016 Intervention Budget for the year 2017 intervention activities. Out of which the 74 government owned universities will get ₦74,696,340,000 [N74.7billion], 54 government owned polytechnics would get ₦37,348,128,000 [₦37.3billion], and 55 government owned colleges of education will get the remainder of ₦37,348,135,000 [N37.3billion]. Out of the N213.4billion, 20% is deducted for unnamed ‘stakeholders’ equivalent to N42.7billion. For just one year.

This amount is virtually smuggled out of government treasury into the pockets of unnamed ‘stakeholders’. This practice by Bappa resulted in many petition being drafted and presented to the anti-graft agencies – of which no actions were taken on the petitions. Many of the petitions contained convincing documentations pointing to the practices of the TETFund boss and the BPP boss.

Two other reports also published by which reveal the corrupt activities of Bichi Bappa and the possible source of his sudden wealth include: Uncovering Cesspool Of Corruption Inside Education Ministry, TETFund & BPP, and Contract Scandal: TETFund Boss Bribes EFCC Agents, Sponsors HAJJ For 7 Agents.

In his quest to remove the Kano State Governor, Bappa pledged over N500million – and has gone after Ganduje loyalists within the APC in Kano State offering cash in exchange for switch in loyalty. The TETFund had also sought secret meetings with members of the Kano State House of Assembly to discuss and/or convince the lawmakers to initiate impeachment proceedings against the State Governor. Allegations are rife that the TETFund may have been the chief sponsor of the cloned video recording of the Governor of Kano supposedly receiving money from a contractor. is not certain. But the video recording has since be proved by security agencies to be cloned.

Alhaji Bichi Bappa was contacted for a response. He did not respond.

2 Comments to: Trouble Inside Presidency As Corrupt TETFund Boss Moves To Remove Ganduje


    October 24th, 2018

    Next time you publish a document of this sort, please indicate the date it was written and published.

  2. Sani

    October 23rd, 2018

    On which authority is Danbatta doing that? Let him calm down & let Dambuje face the music. Dambuje has simply lost it. APC is done with.