Udom, Akpabio And The Real Stooges Part 1 – By Micheal Joseph Okon


Udom, Akpabio And The Real Stooges* Part 1 – By Micheal Joseph Okon

Udom, Akpabio And The Real Stooges* Part 1 – By Micheal Joseph Okon

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Time they say will always tell, prior to 2015 gubernatorial election the likes of Nsima Ekere, Umana okon umana, Udoedeghe and others, sponsored the fifth estate to smear the good and hard earned image of Mr Udom Emmanuel as Akpabio’s stooge, they called him unthinkable names like Akpabio’s ATM, three years down the line Udom Emmanuel has remained his own man while maintaining reasonable predecessor successor relationship. Of recent these same cartel have been working hard to invent bad blood between these great leaders to no avail.

Why the recent love for Akpabio from Akwa Ibom APC today? It’s been trending online that Senator Aklabio had perfected plans to defect to APC having met with her movers and Shakers immediately pictures of Akpabio embracing and cuddling Nsima Ekere started running wild on the same platform. That was nothing short of shame and outright show of hypocrisy, an attitude worthy of folks with no self respect and principles. This is the same Godswill Obot Akpabio that they instigated a Gestapo invasion of the Akwa Ibom State government house with the intent of finding guns and billions of dollars stacked in a certain no go area of the government house, assuming Mr Udom Emmanuel did not raise to the moment, assuming they could destroy Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio and fed him to then dogs, would they be angling for his defection to APC today?

The same APC demanded that Udom Emmanuel should probe Akpabio for his too much money strategy of governance which they termed the worst embezzlement since the creation of any state in Nigeria, yet Nsima Ekere having been quoted that he “would probe Akpabio if he becomes governor” wasted no time to issue a rebuttal claiming that he can NEVER probe Akpabio for any wrong doing of the past he had been accusing him of since 2015 for he was part of the killings of Ibibios in the voice of Thomas Tomas.

Shouldn’t Nsima Ekere or Udoedehe or any APC aspirant seek our support by campaigning to probe Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio’s 8 years of “ *what money can not do, too much money can do?* If these men that have worked with Akpabio and were by passed for Udom few months to the end of Akpabio’s tenure and know all supposed evils of the Emperor of the Senate can not probe him, then who are the real stooges of this Annang Genius?

*LESSON 1* ; let’s not destroy our people for one day we will need them.

To His Excellency, the distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the minority majority leader of the Senate; Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio forgive my audacity to seek clearance on the rumour of your possible defection to APC the very conclave of strange bed fellows that you helped to bring down strategically from the hallowed chambers. Anyone who fails to acknowledge your ingenuity in the happenings of the Senate must be a learner in the Business. I find it had to envisage your possible defection but rumours are not always false in totality. I want to believe you have at one time or the other contemplated a defection based on pressure from the media or some close acquaintance who seek a pound of flesh for not having it their way since Mr Udom Emmanuel held the sceptre of Authority through your instrumentality as ordered by providence.

Too many of us would have been in APC since 2015 when Buhari took over but we stayed and weathered the harsh political reality that pitched us as a state in opposition for the first time in our political history. To many of us you would only end up as that old fox that keeps nibbling on selfish interest alone if you dare jump ship at this critical stage just to frustrate Udom Emmanuel as the rumours claim. You will trample on our respects if you steal away like a thief in the night without the dignity of discussing with members of the Religion (PDP) in your home state.

Caesar’s wife should be above suspicion, sir we expect same of you, your admirers expect consistency in words and actions from you. If there is any truth that a rift exists between you and Mr Udom Emmanuel today, I implore you to flashback and see the unquantifiable usefulness of your successor to your safe landing today. You remain the great teacher but allow a distant student to bring to mind lessons you already know.

*LESSON 2;* always have the people by your side before your personal interest for your enemies are afraid of you because of the people.

Now to Nsima Ekere, Umana Okon Umana and probably Udoedeghe and others, assuming the rumours making the rounds be true that Akpabio your grand master, the great teacher is decamping to APC, all of you stooges will have no choice but welcome him gleefully wither you like it or not because he shall be making a triumphant entry into your spineless midst from powers beyond your noise making.

The moment Senator Akpabio steps into APC he automatically becomes the leader of the unfortunate party and settles Udoedeghe and Nsima’s scuffles once and for all as their Master, while they put their witchcraft heads together to fight against superior performance for not being the stooge and the ATM they thought he would be, you all would be fighting Udom Emmanuel because he has lived above your propaganda, but the electorates shall see beyond the veil of politics  and tell the truth to themselves, Akwaibomites will gang up against the gang and deliver Udom Emmanuel to the shock of self acclaimed political veterans.

Yet there are multitudes who would rather be buried alive than have Senator Akpabio in their party and will decamp to PDP the moment he seeks vengeance on Udom by decamping to God knows where. The real stooges would stay under his leadership because they have never had a choice where Akpabio is involved,those convinced of their failure will tag along for potential spillover of leftovers. We are watching.

If the above scenario ever plays out as rumoured, then our youths must learn never to die for politicians for they lie for a living, they only take positions of selfish interest only not minding the collective interest of us the led. It’s no more a secret that Mr Udom Emmanuel would never endorse violence of any kind to have his second term bid and Akwaibomites know this for sure. Within these 3 years we have witnessed the kind of peace and freedom that could be termed unprecedented under Udom’s watch, every reasonable Akwaibomite should rather stand with Udom Emmanuel for his second term bid than go with wind of ill will.

I do not believe Akpabio would ever decamp just to score cheap political point against a very careful successor who has been encumbered with enormous daily decision making not strange to such position, not many would have maintained a cordial relationship with a god father whose overbearing presence eats up the crowd against the King, but Udom Emmanuel had put up with all this because Governance transcends petty personal feelings, being sangfroid this past years has won him a place in the hearts of the people who strongly believe in his leadership and are bent on fighting for him should one thing ever lead to another. Nonetheless if Senator Akpabio should ever decamp, we will rather go with Mr Udom beyond 2019, so help us God.

*LESSON 3* ; never call a dog a big name just to kill it because tomorrow you might become the dog with the big name.

To be continued… after the proposed shameful defection

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