Oyegun’s ‘United Voice’ Against Rochas – By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

Oyegun’s ‘United Voice’ Against Rochas – By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

Oyegun’s ‘United Voice’ Against Rochas – By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones

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The outgoing national Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, Chief John Odigie Oyegun is one of the saddest men in Nigeria’s political environment at the moment. The 79 years old former governor of Edo State and former Federal permanent Secretary has confessed that he is in a regular battle with his conscience. I do not know his personal physician’s capacity in handling his health condition, but I will suggest that a 24 hours watch is mounted on his blood pressure before something very tragic happens to our man. No matter, how badly the old man has battered his image in the last few days, I sincerely do not wish him death. At least, he needs to stay around to not just taste but eat his full of the meal of comeuppance.

Oyegun who has bungled the congresses of the ruling Party across the Federation and to a very large extent tried to weaken the Party by trying to alienate the real stakeholders of the Party from across the Federation and selling off the Party’s structures across the Federation to the highest bidders, all in a bid to succeed himself as the national Chairman of the Party in the upcoming convention is in a battle against himself. If there is one man Oyegun will ever regret encountering on the political turf, it is Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who has clearly shown him the difference between someone who was propped into a big political position by some godfathers and the other person who worked his way to earn such position. Governor Okorocha has shown the Warri boy and his sponsors why he is respected by world leaders and referenced by political scientists.

Governor Okorocha who is also the Chairman of the Progressive Governors’ Forum has shown with the recent political happenings in the country that he is not just a cat with nine lives, but a formidable political tactician who can turn even the most impossible tides in his favor. In the history of Nigeria’s Fourth Republic, no politician has survived the conspiracy that Okorocha has survived and this must be making Oyegun think that Okorocha is some form of an invincible Avatar.

The outgoing national Chairman’s confession that there is a ‘united voice’ against Owelle Rochas Okorocha couldn’t have come out of his mouth, if he was sober, because that was a clear confession that he is in alliance with a gang of impostors who go by the alias; ‘IMO APC ALLIED FORCES COALITION.’ There is not a single political observer who doesn’t know that this league of Imo oppressors are irreversibly committed in their unity to halt the massive developmental strides and the greatly improved welfare of the ordinary people recorded by the Owelle Rochas Okorocha administration. The unity of these men is not very different from the unity of the Offa bank robbers and the Aninih gang, when they are out to execute any heist.

The Oyegun led NWC is another ‘united voice’ that is against the continued liberation, transformation and anti-corruption visions of not just Owelle Rochas Okorocha, but to a greater degree that of President Muhammadu Buhari. Oyegun had by his own confession purchased nomination form to vie for the office of national chairmanship against the agreement of majority of Party members for a new set of people to come on board in order to steer the Party to victorious and steadier paths. Oyegun and his NWC or at least, majority of present members of the NWC are in cahoots with some opposition elements to derail the re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari, from the inside. Governor Okorocha has stood up the most against them in this felony, and for this, they are united in their bid to get back at the Imo governor.

The ordinary people of Imo State, especially , members of the ruling APC in Imo State are united in their insistence that Owelle Rochas Okorocha’s leadership pattern is the best they have seen and they are not leaving anything to chance in their determination to ensure a continuity of those policies and programs that have seen to the liberation of all Imolites and the prosperity of the majority.

If Oyegun was a responsible Party Chairman, he should have confessed that his agents in Imo State are those who are detached from the people of Imo State. These people, even though they had all the support of the NWC could not hold any meeting of their group in the open, for fear of the people descending on them with anger. All the actions they have taken so far, were taken clandestinely, because they are aware of their unpopularity among the people. The ostracized Allied Forces of APC coalition are aware that even in their own political wards, they cannot defeat Okorocha in a fair electoral contest, hence, their resort to hijacking electoral materials and hiding in forests at night to manufacture figures and names.

One of the voices of  Oyegun’s ‘united voice against Owelle Rochas Okorocha’ is the voice of a former governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, who openly confessed to being a murderer, in one of their clandestine meetings in Abuja. Certainly, murderers will always listen to the voice of their fellow murderers. Oyegun has chosen to listen to the voices of self confessed murderers, fraudsters, thieves and pathetic felons, but Owelle Rochas Okorocha and all true ambassadors of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are listening to the voice of reason, voice of truth, voice of progress and voice of righteousness.

Chief Oyegun, if he had the smallest pint of honor left in him, would have by now stepped down as the national Chairman of the Party, considering the level of embarrassment he has brought upon the Party, especially, in the last one month. An old man who has emblazoned an identity of fraud, inconsistency, lies, bribe taking and felony on his forehead is a disappointment not just to himself or his family but to the revered concept of old age.

As a Party Chairman, the best way to sieve out those whom you feel have not represented the party well in their official capacities is by subjecting such people to a free and fair democratic process and not by aligning with some criminals to try subverting the wishes of the majority of people. If Oyegun’s understanding of been a good Party man is that those elected into offices on the Party’s platform should lavish public funds on frivolities, then, Oyegun can be assured that Governor Okorocha will never be that kind of a ‘good Party man’. Governor Okorocha’s concept of been a good and responsible Party man is by using your powers as an elected official to implement the manifestoes of the Party, in order to draw more people to support the Party in future elections. This explains why APC, which as at 2015 general elections was like a pariah Party in the Southeast, has become the most sought after political Party in the same Southeast. If Governor Okorocha hasn’t done well to implement the people oriented manifestoes of the Party, these people who have now jumped into the Party wouldn’t have had the conviction that the Party can win elections in the Southeast. These men who have suddenly become Oyegun’s friends today, were the same people who went around town in 2015 castigating the APC as a Boko Haram Party, Party of paedophiles and all such nasty vilifications against the Party. This same voices that Oyegun has chosen to listen were also united against Owelle Rochas Okorocha in 2011 and 2015, yet he triumphed against them, because the voice of the people is louder and completely drowned their irresponsible noises.

Oyegun’s ‘united voice’ is nothing but the voice of fraud, the voice of oppression, the voice of criminality and the voice of murder. However, they have been shut up by the voices of the majority of the people of Imo State, and if they do not quickly retrace their voices, and align with the voices of the people, they will be forever shut up, politically.

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