2019: Another Party Presents Desperate Okorocha An Alternative

2019: Another Party Presents Desperate Okorocha An Alternative

2019: Another Party Presents Desperate Okorocha An Alternative

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 …as Osuji unveils “Participatory Governance” blueprint

 …Imo to start exportation of Cows in 2020


By Chris Chime, Onitsha

As the road to next year’s general election in Imo State draws nearer and all doors appear shut in front of the desperate outgoing Gov Rochas Okorocha, the Mass Action Joint Alliance(MAJA) may have chosen to give him a soft landing and the seeming hapless electorates a better alternative.

MAJA’s front runner in the 2019 race for the governorship seat of the state -Chief Aloysius Osondu Osuji, in a presentation at the 2018 Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Orlu, held at the St Michael and All Angels Parish, Attah which during a social visit to Anambra state at the weekend, commended Okorocha’s efforts so far, but urged him to forget foisting his son, son-in-law, sister or anyone else for that matter on the beleaguered Imo electorates. That he has come to clear the debris he has turned the state into.

Osuji disclosed that having witnessed the desperate situation in his native state, has come down from his United Kingdom base where he runs one of the biggest and reputed legal outfit to rescue the state, and to turn Imo State into a notable producer/exporter of well-groomed healthy looking cows and other agricultural produce from 2020.

He disclosed that he may not waste the scarce resources of the state fighting former administrations, rather would restructure any non-performing infrastructure he met on ground for the interest of the people of the state. The task at hand, he admitted need every sense of urgency and seriousness than to be wasted. Each person would be left to their conscience as nothing judges a man more harrowingly as his conscience.

That he’s coming with an all-inclusive pattern of administration called “Participatory Governance”, where every citizen of Imo state at whatever level has a stake and voice.

This would guarantee autonomy to the councils and communities. The state government would not interfere, though would give directives where and when necessary.

Each community would have a watchdog that will constantly liaise with the councils on the need of each community. The Watchdog was to discourage any form of collusion between the Councillors and the Council Chairman in the delivery of democracy dividends to the electorates at the lowest levels.

This format was formulated as a sure response to what is going on presently between the state governors and their Houses of Assemblies. The legislators unwittingly played into the hands of their various state governors, such they have lost their voices and relevance in the running of the state.

Now you see where state legislators kneel helplessly before governors who then cajoles them for their salaries and allowances. So, under my administration every citizen shall be key participants. Everyone need to see the government as theirs; it will see to the weeding off every malfeasance, indolence, crime an then encourage good governance.

Osuji also proposed that under his administration, all these monies being wasted on acquisition/maintenance of fleet of vehicles and convoys would be channeled into the payment of salaries, allowances, regular training and pension would made the people’s right.

He declared that there would be no cow-colony, territory or protectorate; or any other mischievous name so called in Imo state, and that with his policies they would discourage the present situation where killers invade all hamlets in Nigeria raping, killing, maiming and forcefully acquiring the lands all in the name of cow rearing. While the federal authorities continuities taking tongue-in-cheek.

The MAJA party governorship hopeful expressed happiness that with the level of political awareness in the state there would no longer be any form of bandwagon effect or sheepish voting for parties, but now for individuals with track records.

As a notable industrialist whose factory in his native Dim Na Nume community employs about two hundred direct workers who sustain their families from there, Osuji plans to establish three industrial clusters with one each at the various senatorial zones, based on economic advantage.

The complete details of his economic and social blueprint were contained in his manifesto, tagged “2019: Behold the Reformer, Chief Aloysious Osondu Osuji”

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