2019: Benue People Can Still Vote Buhari If… Ortom


2019: Benue People Can Still Vote Buhari If… Ortom

2019: Benue People Can Still Vote Buhari If… Ortom

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From Msughshima Andrew, Makurdi

Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom has said that the Benue people can still vote for President Muhammadu Buhari come 2019 elections if the interest of the Benue people is still in line with the interest of the president.

Ortom stated this while answering questions from newsmen during the briefing to mark the 2018 Democracy Day, in People’s House, Makurdi.

Ortom was asked how he intends to convince the Benue people to vote for Buhari come 2019 with all the killings and the silence of the federal governmnent, he said the opportunities are there and if the interests are there, they will vote for him.

“President Buhari will definitely come for campaigns. I can not pre-empt what he will say and what the Benue people will say but the Benue people will vote him if the policy programmes and interests of the president is in line with that of the Benue people.

“One thing I can tell you in my 40 years of politics is that there is no permanent enemies and no permanent friends but permanent interests. So if there is no clash of interests, you will see the Benue people voting for him.

“The same thing with me, if my programmes are in line with the interests of the Benue people and I ask for their votes, they will vote for me”, he said.

He therefore said that if re-elected come 2019, he will give priority attention to education, agriculture through industrialization, infrastructural development as well as security of lives and property for a better Benue.

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