The Light And The Darkness: Who Rules Imo State?  – Sir Andrew I. Ajaero

The Light And The Darkness: Who Rules Imo State?  – Sir Andrew I. Ajaero

The Light And The Darkness: Who Rules Imo State?  – Sir Andrew I. Ajaero

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Darkness is no go area for normal human beings whereas lunatics and ghosts operate in it. The only antidote to darkness which envelopes the world and everything in it is light. With Darkness the African personality had no progress. The beaming of light obliterates the darkness enveloping the physical and mental faculties of the African.

It is instructive to note that on November 22nd 1937 Ziks press started a news paper publication, the West African Pilot with the motto, “Show the light and people will find the way”.

Ziks intension was to create awareness and to speak directly to the masses. The desire worked wonders as the Anti-colonial message of the West African pilot spread quickly, widely and effectively.

This motto is still relevant till today as we delve into the significance of Darkness now at war with light in Africa.

What a return to darkness which has in no small measure enveloped Imo State as the inhabitants are painfully groaning consequent upon draconic measures which have subjected them to untold hardship. Darkness working in concert with an irrelevant morbid assembly organized devious means yet unknown in Imo State and bound the conscience of the people in matters of governance not subject to discussion as if ordained by God.

This conspiracy of silence, is a heritage of darkness which has emboldened the executive to unleash terror on the people.

Education a symbol of light in the darkness was so dear to the inhabitants of Imo State to the extent that any gimmick to present free education at all levels as election manifesto carried the day as a means of social mobilization for the future. Darkness still enveloped the people who felt that genuine light had actually come.

Ill conceived gigantic ghost structures said to provide conducive learning environment have remained ephemeral as parents who have seen the futility of the propaganda on free education opted to send their children to private schools in the rural and urban settings. They now feel that their children will benefit in measurable terms with fee payment instead of remaining in darkness under the pretext of seeing the light from free education.

An excursion into the realm of verifiable results in the education sector shows that Imo State that used to take the lead in Education all over Nigeria before now is basically no longer a force to reckon with as many of the so called disadvantaged states are now tops with Imo State trailing behind. The influx of student and pupils into state schools because of free education has not been rewarded with proper knowledge transfer. Indeed it is free education and not indeed free of knowledge.

The results of WAEC, NECO and Jamb over the years have plummeted regrettably because of poor implementation of teaching and impacting of knowledge which have affected internal and external examinations.

As teachers who are meant to impart the free education are owed salaries, they device new ways of survival using students and pupils as aids in their endeavours while learning is grounded.

The virulence of the ravaging darkness has permiated all sectors of the society where the more you look the less you see reigns to show that “all that glitters is not gold”.

It is mind bugling that civil servants now rendered redundant in Imo State with a two days weekly holidays to non existent and imaginary private farms for food production are no longer sure of their tenure and nobody talks against its unconstitutionality. What else is darkness.

It is equally unfortunate that civil servants are neglected while contractors are engaged on adhoc basis to pay pensioners a greater majority of whose dud cheques have not been cleared for many months after constant presentations at the banks which is against the law that the rescue mission disobeys.

It is equally painful that pension payment contractors are allowed to fend for themselves at the expense of poor pensioners as they make indiscriminate, outrageous, selective and unquestionable deductions from some pensioners entitlements for no cogent reason while protests on the anomaly never received attention where no authority claims responsibility.

What a bleak future for what remains in the civil service of the rescue mission. While there are no reasonable facilities to provide health care in Imo State owned general hospitals, ghost impressionist edifies called modern hospitals have lavishly sprung up in all local governments in defiance of actual need. Some of these have enhanced the generous donour propensity of the rescue mission in the full glare of a dumb state assembly.

Are we to talk of the destruction of major market in the state with impurity causing the displacement of peoples source of livelihood under the guise of forced and false development.

A catena of woes resulting from a non listening rescue mission read like pages from the middle ages. But these are happening in our own time thereby imposing darkness on the psyche of the people more than ever before.

I know that butterflies cover more grounds but bees gather more honey. This is because the butterfly just perches over the flowers whereas the bee lands on each one and stays there long enough to extract nectar.

This explains the situation in Imo State where the rescue mission is in a hurry to achieve nothing in the overall discomfiture of the electorate.

The way of a fool seems right to him but a wise man listens to advice. proverbs 12:15. Are our leaders humble enough to head advice and be open to those God sends into their lives to help guide them when they are blinded by darkness.

To turn Nigeria around and obliterate perpetual darkness is beyond the contrivance of mediocre leadership now the order of the day.

We are tired of the machination of the protestant ethics hence the need now for a catholic Christian to make a difference.

Efforts to beam light on darkness through peaceful protests against bad governance have been disallowed and termed anti-government and muscled up under the guise of unpeaceful peace. Be it known that every year and day is a countdown to the hour of exist of the rescue mission from governance. There is no wisdom of man that can change it. For those without God and his saving grace it is a terrible foreboding and beginning of woes.

For some it will be the beginning of a glorious era when the law of the jungle will give way to the law of the kingdom and truth. Then the lamb will be safe in the presence of a wolf and the hunting instinct of the lion will be no more. This is when humanity will have no need to learn the art of false propaganda to get what it wants.

The purported Rescue mission is an absurdity which has turned to be an unmitigated disaster. We shall never see the like again where governance is concerned. This is a solemn pledge predicated upon platos philosopher king which states and I quote. “Ruling is a skill to be acquired not borrowed and that since men differ in their capabilities, those who exhibit the greatest capacity for ruling (leadership) should be trained to rule or lead and that except in a primitive society where the blind leads the blind with the inevitability of both falling into a pit, only the most enlightened educationally qualified person of proven integrity, experience, intellectual and moral discipline should be allowed to rule or lead in any decent community.

Darkness stands for satan and all that he represents. Jesus the light shires through us and that makes it impossible for darkness to overpower us irrespective of our sham leaders who display the crucifix on their chest with the devil behind. We must all rise to the occasion and speak out in defence of the truth “The bully must get a thrashing”.



Sir Andrew I. Ajaero (KSJI)

Public Affairs Commentator/Analyst

Onicha Nweorie Ezinihitte



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