“Enemies Within The North Responsible For Bloodshed” – Northern Group

“Enemies Within The North Responsible For Bloodshed” – Northern Group

“Enemies Within The North Responsible For Bloodshed” – Northern Group

Communique Issued At The End Of An Expanded Meeting Of The Coalition Of Northern Groups And All Northern Ethnic Nationalities Held In Kano On March 14, 2018.


Driven by deep patriotism, commitment to a united and prosperous Northern Nigeria, and belief in the peaceful coexistence of all its people,  a meeting was held of leaders of the Coalition of Northern Groups and all the ethnic nationalities of the region on the 14th of March 2018 in Kano.

The meeting, attended by about 90 different ethnic groups from all over the North, examined the following fundamental worries in the region:

  1. The growing insecurity in the region marked by communal clashes and a lingering insurgency.
  2. Political manipulation of the minds of the youth by self-seeking politicians from within and outside the region.
  3. The manipulation of religion by clerics and religious bodies for the incitement of widespread hatred and attendant violence.
  4. The disabling level of rampant and pervading poverty in the midst of affluence by the elite.
  5. Immorality, vices and drug-related crimes borne of mass unemployment.


The meeting noted with perplexity the determined efforts by some people from outside the North collaborating with some internal traitors to scuttle our democratic experience that saw us casting a united vote for the emergency of a northern presidency in 2015.

Irked by the 2015 show of democratic unity, enemies of the North have doubled efforts to set us back in our renewed collective quest for unity and progress, by needlessly fomenting unrest and insecurity across our region.

This and other reasons listed below are real drivers of the recent trend of escalation of conflict in most parts of the North especially of the nature of inter-ethnic and inter-communal clashes.

  1. It was observed that there are some elements within that are driving these unrests in the North, and fueling tension aimed at thwarting the type of unity and oneness of purpose shown by northerners during the 2015 elections.

.2. It was observed also that the unrests are being instigated by powerful external forces in order to achieve certain hidden objectives aimed at bringing about the ultimate breakup of the North.

  1. The meeting also noted with the utmost concern, the various attempts now being made to exploit cleavages of religious and ethnic nature to cause disharmony and distrust across the region.
  2. It was observed that the federal government is also partly responsible for the escalation of the conflicts by not taking decisive actions and allowing the matter in the hands of state Governors who are clearly pursuing their personal set of biases.
  3. The meeting also observed the unprofessional lopsided manner with which the southern based media has been handling the matter. The concentration of effort on only Benue incidences while neglecting the occurrences in other states clearly points to a deliberate mission to cause disharmony in the region.
  4. The meeting noted with dismay the flooding of all types of weapons including very sophisticated small arms and light weapons, into the North, and the apparent determination by the agents of destruction to continue to ply their deadly trade regardless of its consequences.
  5. The meeting was also concerned and extremely worried by the reported existence of various armed militias in Nigeria especially those allegedly organized and supported by some State Governors.
  6. The meeting also recognized the dangers posed to the larger Nigerian society and the North most especially, by the proliferation of drugs and narcotics and other dangerous substances that have created a culture of drug and substance abuse in our communities.
  7. It was also observed that the confusion in the North is a result of the ploys of a handful of people who have enjoyed the magnanimity of the region in the past and now want to destroy it.


After vigorous deliberations on above observations, all the leaders of the ethnic nationalities present at the meeting unanimously agreed to the following resolutions:

  1. That there has to be concerted efforts to collectively wake the northern youth on the inherent dangers of ready tools in the hands of politicians who won’t mind feasting on blood in their quest for political ascendancy.
  2. That a powerful steering committee would be set up to design a framework for a region wide campaign to alert the youth on the need to resist the manipulation of these identified bloodthirsty politicians whose children and relations are always not on the streets when the fire they ignite takes a toll.
  3. That a legal and political think tank would be put together to design ways for the sponsorship of private bills in the National and various state assemblies for outlawing all forms of hard drug and harmful substances trade and promotion.
  4. That the North shall endeavour never to be broken up and all its inhabitants will remain resolute in protecting their legacy and inherited responsibility towards one another and to the rest of the country.
  5. That the exact dimension, extent and boundaries of the North are well known and nothing will change these no matter what efforts are made to bring this about. Northerners are all one and no artificial distinctions will be allowed to shake and undermine their unity and cohesiveness.
  6. That the North’s problems can be solved by Northerners themselves without any interference by mischief makers from outside.
  7. That the lackadaisical approach to the crises by the federal and state authorities is condensable and they must show more zeal in protecting the lives of citizens.
  8. That it is quite unfortunate that the President of the federal republic would tend to tilt in favour of the Benue state government in its antagonisms against the Inspector General of Police.


Abdul-Azeez Suleiman Spokesperson Coalition Of Northern Groups

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