Adamawa: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Community With Helicopter

Adamawa: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Community With Helicopter

Adamawa: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Community With Helicopter

Information reaching indicate that another community in Adamawa State have fallen under the attack of the vicious Fulani herdsmen. The attacks according to an eyewitness began today’s [December 5, 2017] evening at Lawaru, a community in Adamawa State.

According to an eyewitness statement reproduced below, the community of Lawaru was set ablaze by the legion of Fulani herdsmen who had arrived earlier in the day to the town.

The account stated that a military style helicopter gave the attacking Fulani herdsmen cover as they torched the town. The helicopter was reported to have joined the attack.

See the eyewitness account below:

He Statement Of An Eye Witness From Dong… via Phone…

‘I was at Kwalumo when a friend called me from Lawaru that legions of Fulani herdsmen are trooping into their village. On the phone, I heard some scaring gun sounds that can only be liken to a nightmare from the pit of hell. I immediately dial Klomoso’s Number to help notify Hama Dong. While putting a notice to Klom, I saw Lawaru on flames! It pained me so much knowing my biological mother who went there earlier that day might have been killed!! I ask the guys around to go with me! I wanted to go and rescue my mother dead or alive!!

We went in good spirit with no gun but guts. At Ngodon, We met hundreds of women running into bushes. I saw Sapwada, I asked where are our men? she said she said the vow to die standing!!

I  was provoke the more, but the atmosphere cold me.

Within some minutes, we saw them trooping into Dong. We hide, watching them burn our houses. Under the tree on which I was hiding, those fulanis raped seven girls of 12-14yrs..

Aside that, a helicopter was hovering over, and giving them cover.. At a certain point when we noticed they were running out of arms, We mobilized from bushes to face them. No too long a military jet let loose a bomb on us killing many of us….

As am speaking to U now, most of our men were killed by d four air strikes while children and women by the Fulani…..””

Plsss tell the world what is happening with us…..””

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  1. s m galadima December 6, 2017 at 12:57 pm -

    Am sorry for the leadership of this country,is this the change we voted for?is mr president really in the country or is he still in london?seriouse security threat is going on people are dieying but nobody is saying anything,may God have mercy and the president thinks he will go back for second time that he cant affect the change he promise nigerians am sorry for mr president,NO MORE SECOND TIME,if you cant handdle first time.