Traditional Rulers Condemn Show Of Force By Nwoye’s Campaign Flag-off That Left 3 Dead!


Traditional Rulers Condemn Show Of Force By Nwoye’s Campaign Flag-off That Left 3 Dead!

Traditional Rulers Condemn Show Of Force By Nwoye’s Campaign Flag-off That Left 3 Dead!

Traditional rulers and custodians of Igbo culture and tradition have formally registered their collective disapproval of APC candidate in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra State, Mr Tony Nwoye by shunning his campaign flag off in Onitsha today.

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Mr Nwoye has struggled for acceptance by the larger population of Ndi Anambra and his fellow party members since he emerged the party’s flag bearer and the face of APC in Anambra State from a heavily flawed primary in which no one had given him a chance.

Nwoye’s rejection by the custodians of traditional institutions in Anambra State is said to be directly connected to his well known violent past which many respectable citizens of the state frown at.

The traditional rulers were reported to have chosen the right moment to register their disapproval of Nwoye in the belief that their collective silence and united action of staying away from his campaign flag off would demonstrate their rejection of him more than a formal public disclaimer.

“That young man is a taboo,” declared a highly respected Igwe from Anambra West, Nwoye’s constituency. “He is what our people call aluu. No sane man or woman will queue behind Tony Nwoye. The smoke still curls up to heaven from the rubble of the buildings Tony Nwoye and his gang destroyed in 2003. We have not forgotten that Nwoye disrupted the growth of democracy in Anambra State. So, he shall not get our support.”

Speaking with even greater vehemence, another traditional ruler from Orumba North declared Nwoye a ‘political terrorist.’

According to him, “Tony Nwoye thinks we are all fools in Anambra State. After terrorizing us here with his marauding gang, kidnapping a sitting governor and burning down the state house, Nwoye wants to occupy the same seat of power he had burnt down. Mbanu! It cannot work while some of us are still here. We shall advise our people to fight him with their votes on November 18.”

Speaking in the same vein, a traditional ruler from Njikoka wondered why Prince Arthur Ezeh was bent on foisting Tony Nwoye on Anambra State. “I respect my brother Arthur on all things except politics. His decision to roll out billions of dollars to support the aspiration of a well known gangster to take over power in Anambra State baffles me. Sometimes I wonder if age is beginning to tell on him. Tony Nwoye will be a curse to Anambra State if we allow him. I heard that members of his cult group clashed with a rival gang at the flag off, leaving some people with broken heads. They have started sowing violence even before the campaign is over. Now tell me why Ndi Anambra should allow Tony Nwoye,” he queried.

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