Foiling Bill Gates Plans to Destroy Nigeria – The 2016 Challenge

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By Philip Njemanze MD
The National Council on Health presided over by Dr Khaliru Alhassan, the former Supervising Minister for Health inaugurated a national committee to implement the National Health Act 2015. The committee comprised a listing of about 27 organizations of which 18 on the list were foreign organizations to implement a Nigeria health law! At the helm of the committee is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Embassies of foreign Western Diplomatic Missions in Nigeria, WHO and other UN organizations.
The action of the Minister constitutes a treasonable felony under the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, because health is considered National Security and surrendering the National Health System to foreign organizations amounts to an act of treason! To the amazement of Nigerians present at the meeting, organizations like the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN), which oversees the interests of the private sector medical practitioners and the Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN), which oversees the ethical practice of medicine were locked out prompting vehement protests by delegates who literally gate crashed into the meeting to be given a voice to speak about Nigerian health system, while foreign governments were presiding over the implementation of the laws on Nigerian health system.
 The committee has started work and Bill Gates has moved to begin acquisition of all Federal Medical Centres around the country beginning with the Southeast. In Owerri, the so-called privatization and public-private partnership (PPP) has acquired the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri. This is causing a severe crisis and strikes as health workers face layoffs to make way for the new owners and their team. The hospital is in total lockdown. Similar strikes are expected to commence all over the Southeast which happens to be the first zone in the privatization effort. The implementation of this act is illegal so far as the National Health Act 2014 has not been domesticated by the State Assemblies in the various states. National Health Act 2014 as passed by the National Assembly is only in force in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.
Observers suspect that the Southeast might be the main target of what should have been a national program. This is scary because should the Bill Gates Plan prioritize targeting Igbo states, ‘ethnic cleansing of Igbos’ could be accomplished within a few years. More people will die from the hands of Human Organ traffickers within one year than all through the three years of Biafran Civil War. Other observers have noted that while Bill Gates targeted the Northeast to capture the food security, the Southeast maybe more susceptible to the human organ trafficking and ovarian egg poaching by the international cartel.
The covert plan by Bill Gates will provide him the infrastructure for a massive Human Organ Trafficking Trade whereby human organs would be poached from Nigerians for sale via internet to rich Western organ transplant recipients. A huge market exists for human organ transplantation tourism whereby Western patients would travel to Nigeria under the propaganda cover that Nigerian Hospitals have become better and cheaper than in the Western countries, so patients come from abroad to Nigeria to receive healthcare. There would be no mention that these international patients come to Nigeria to receive Nigerian organs from unsuspecting ignorant and naive Nigerian patients who run to these hospitals to get advanced ‘white man’ hospital care but only come out dead or with vital organs and their ovarian eggs poached. Analysts see the plans by Bill Gates as extensive including capture of political power and using his caucus in the legislature to pass the laws required for his unwholesome plans. …to continue.


  1. This writer na proper enemy of progress…
    He remind me of the dog wey dey for where cow dey eat..
    Dog dey bark like say tomorrow no dey, disturbing the poor cows wey wan eat grass.
    Dog no dey eat grass but e no let cow chop grass…
    Na him be dis enemy of progress him own.

    Na today you know say health system bad for Nigeria? Since you no do anything. Now somebody wan start something, instead make you see how you go take contribute, you wan scatter everything gwam….as dem no call you make you come chop.
    Black man sef!!

  2. It’s sad that any human being could convict this unbelievable theory. The Igbos should be careful eat we box ourselves in A dry tight corner. We are already in a geographical tight corner. It would be worse she. We strangulate our selves internationally. Because we do not give, that’s why we do no appreciate givers like Bill and Mellinda Gates. This writer should please get a life. I blame 247 u reports for publishing Sunday h divisive and weird write up.

    • Please research Bill Gate’s so-called giving or philanthropy. The fact remains that people give for a few reasons: altruism, trust, social, egoism and taxes. Up until the Gate’s was tried for “antitrust” did he try to repair his image through philanthropy. There is always a self interest and profitable opportunity. The Gate’s foundation investments through the back door whereby his business interests work in collaboration with his foundation to fund research and keep the benefits as income and that is his modus oparandi. From Microsoft, Monsanto, GAVI, AGRA etc.., they’re all by extension connected.

  3. I really suspect that the write up above by the so called Dr. Phillip Njemanze is the work of a 419er. Maybe this Njemanze of a man was not able to extract/con Bill Gates that was the reason for formulating the trash above. This Phillip Njemanze is an enemy of progress and full of negetive energy. Mr. Njemanze will remain in this mode until he dies

  4. I believe Dr. Philip is right 100%, Nigeria has second largest population in world. Brazil number 1, is Gatrs in their health system too


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