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The intrigues surrounding the arrival of the All Progressive Congress [APC] led presidency appears endless as it continues to unfold its agenda for the nation. Information available to 247ureports.com obtained through a consortium of reliable sources indicate that the new cabal within the Presidency – headed by the President’s nephew, Mamman Daura and the Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari have concluded on a plot on removing the current Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele and replacing him with a northerner of the north east extraction by the name Alhaji Mohd Hayatudeen.

Alhaji Mohd Hayatudeen

Alhaji Mohd Hayatudeen

According to the information gathered, the managers of the Nigerian administrative machinery inside the presidency are reported to be uncomfortable with the Mr. Godwin Emefiele’s continued stay as the CBN Governor. Both Daura and Kyari are said to be untrusting of Godwin Emefiele – largely because of his being from Delta State – and of his not being a northerner and/or a Muslim. Our source indicates that the duo of Kyari and Daura suspects that some of the activities of the cabal/mafia maybe hindered or exposed by the current CBN Governor – or may not be willing to play along.

The fact that he was an appointee of the previous administration following what was considered a turbulent exit by the former CBN governor who was seen as a supporter of the then APC and Buhari – has made Buhari’s men determined to remove the current CBN Governor. It is recalled that the then President Goodluck Jonathan had sought the resignation of Malam Sanusi following a relationship that was soiled over allegations of financial impropriety. The then President Jonathan replaced Malam Sanusi who hails from Kano State with Mr. Godwin Emefiele who hails from Delta State. The replacement came at the tail end of President Jonathan’s administration.

Mr. Godwin Emefiele is expected to constitutional term of five [5] years. However the plot being hatched by the cabal anticipates that the current Governor will be gone before the end of 2016 – to ensure that financial transactions are conducted with the trust of their man at the top seat inside the CBN – also to ensure that the buildup to the electioneering period is devoid of rancor from the CBN – concerning accessing the required funds to affect the elections come 2019.

Already, the activities that will result in the eventual removal of the CBN governor have been thrown into gear. The Financial Reporting Council [FRC] have taken on the garnet. They have hinted that the CBN governor’s performance at the seat needs review. Their latest report questioned some of the practices of the CBN governor. The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) of Nigeria is a federal government agency established by the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria Act, No. 6, 2011. The FRC is responsible for, among other things, developing and publishing accounting and financial reporting standards to be observed in the preparation of financial statements of public entities in Nigeria; and for related matters.



Other allegations of financial improprieties at the CBN under Mr. Godwin Emefiele’s watch have begun to seep into the public arena steadily. The steady flow of ‘supposed corruption’ would continue to make its way to the public arena – until a probe is instigated. At the point of probe, the cabal inside the presidency would consider their plot a success.

Alhaji Mohd Hayatudeen, the man Kyari and Daura want at the CBN hails from Borno State as the Chief of State [Kyari] and is an Arab descendant [Shuwa Arab]. The Shuwa Arabs are of Arab descent and mainly speak the Shuwa dialect of the Arab language. His banking experience is limited to his stint at the Federal Savings Bank. He belongs to the Daura/Kyari business empire – and is part investor in the many moribund business at Kakuri in Southern Kaduna.  He was a member of the transitional committee setup by the then President-Elect Mohammadu Buhari. The Chairman of Buhari’s Transition Committee, according reports was the one who brought Mohammadu Hayatudeen for the position of CBN governor. Hayatudeen is also a close friend to Mamman Daura.

4 Comments to: Buhari’s Men Plot Removal Of CBN Gov, To Replace With Mohd Hayatudeen

  1. madewale

    December 5th, 2015

    The current CBN Governor has made the case of his enemy easy by his actions during the last few weeks of GEJ. The $2 billion he released will have to be explained before his detractors will not get his head.

  2. Akata

    December 3rd, 2015

    Your reporting on this issue is bias. The current CBN governor Godwin Emefile , was wrong by reintroducing N65 on ATM transaction after 3 times..it shows he was working for the cabals in Jonathan government. Why did he gave Fomer NSA $2.1 billion dollars without NASS approval